Antibacterial Mop


Oates Premium Antibacterial Mop

Antibacterial Mop. Antibacterial ingredient is designed to inhibit growth of bacteria within the mop.


Sabco Antibacterial Mop

Premium blend mop for maximum absorbency. Antibacterial yarn to prevent odour forming bacteria. US thread ferrule to suit most handles. Available replacement heads are medium, large, and extra large.

Sabco Antibacterial Slate and Tile Mop

Sabco Slate and Tile Mop features Antibacterial yarn to prevent the growth of bacteria. Looped and tail banded construction for maximum strength. US thread ferrule to suit most handles. Replacement head available.

Super Swish Pro Anti Bac

Sabco Super Swish Pro Anti Bac is designed for mopping and dust control to effectively sanitize the largest possible space area.

Rubbmermaid #24 Antimicrobial Mop Green

The Rubbermaid Web Foot Anti-Microbial Wet Mop Head has durable blended fibers and is fully washable. The anti-microbial agent reduces malodors and extends the mop life.