50 Pack

Oates Decitex Fluid Dry DispoMop Pad Blue

Oates electrostatic microfibre gauze pad for dry mopping floors. It leaves no parraffin or oil deposits. Disposable ® single use only.

3M ™ Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System

3M ™ Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System is designed to make floor cleaning and disinfecting faster, easier and safer. Changing chemicals and cleaning products is a snap. Interchangeable bottles fit quickly into a lightweight handle to help reduce waste and ensure precise dispensing of solutions to the work site.

Vikan Superior Mop Frame Velcro 60cm

Superior mopframe with exchangeable velcro and end pieces. Available in black only.

Sabco Applicator Foam Base

Applicator Foam Base is a part of Sabco's floor squeeze range. It is strongly recommended to use on uneven surfaces to ensure maximum coverage on operation.