Premium Auto Sponge 20 x 10cm

Premium Polyurethane Sponge. Super absorbent and long lasting. Ideal for cleaning automobiles and boats.

Oates Jumbo Auto Sponge Dogbone

Oates Jumbo Auto Sponge Dogbone has high performance and long lasting. Large size for maximum coverage and has curved design for easy hold.

Oates Jumbo Bug Sponge

Oats Jumbo Bug Sponge features non-scratch white mesh to remove bugs and tough grime spots. It can be easily hold due to its curved design.

Blue Sponge with Mesh Scrubber

Nylon mesh covered sponge ideal for cleaning glass or bugs from the front of your car. Will not scratch. Available in 2 sizes.

Turtle Wax Jumbo Bug Sponge 2-in 1 Car Sponge

Jumbo Bug Sponge from Turtle Wax is super sized 2 in 1 car wash sponge with a non scratch abrasive side for heavy duty cleaning power.

Turtle Wax Grime Warrior

Turtle Wax Grime Warrior, top quality new generation urethane sponge created for super sudsing and excellent car wash power.

Turtle Wax Easy Grip Foam Wax

Replacement foam pads for use with the Easy Grip Handle. 

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Power Sponge

Powers through tough grime with ease using Turtle Wax Power and Bug Tar Sponge. The dual mesh surfaces cut through road grime, tar and bugs without scratching.