Glass & Window Cloths

Sabco Window Cloth 36 x 39cm

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Latex coated for higher degree of absorbency. Suitable for wet cleaning applications on all surface types. Machine washable to 95°C.
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Technoclean Silver Antibacterial Microfibre Cloths can be laundered up to 500 times at temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius. Microfibre is a synthetic fibre that is microscopic compared to natural fibres.

Ultra microfibres are 100 times smaller than a human hair and their star structure give a surface area 40 times greater than conventional cotton fibre. Microfibre cloths are available in 3 colours: green (kitchens), yellow (infectious) and white (operating theatres).
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Microscrim 50% polyamide 50% Polyester 100% endless Microfibre, means totally lint free. It leaves surfaces practically dry.

It is perfectly designed for windows, mirrors, ceramic and fine enough for glass.  Recommended laundering up to 500 washes. Suitable with or without chemicals. Available in individual or pack of 3. This is the managing Director of Cleaners Supermarket's favorite glass cleaning cloth.
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How to clean fireplace glass without using any chemicals? Atmosfire Dry Wiper is the latest innovation for cleaning fireplace glass. The atmosfire Dry Wiper for fireplace windows, cleans without using any chemicals, without rinsing and without scratching.

The stains that build up on fireplace and stove glass doors is from the soot and ashes that are released from the fire. With atmosfire Dry Wiper it gives clear view of a warm and safe fire that makes it good looking as good as new. It is the easiest way to use in cleaning fibreglass glass door. It doesn't need rinsing during cleaning. This is developed by Schott Robax in Germany.
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Lint-free, highly absorbent cleaning, polishing and detailing cloth with stretchy and tough material.

Low cost alternative to scrim, cotton and microfibre.

Edged, double weave . 50 x 37cm (before stretching)

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42cm x 58cm (17″ x 23″) huck surgical, detailing towel. Almost lint free.
Use instead of scrim for detailing.  Sewn edges.
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Large 91cm x 91cm (36″ x 36″) Classic coarse and lint free scrim for cleaning stubborn dirt and particles
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This microfibre glass cloth is effective in cleaning surfaces in a streak free and lint free manner. It is ideal for windows, glass and mirrors.

Diamond weave powers through dirt and residue.

20 Pack
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Magic Electronic Wipes are a safe and easy way to gently clean all electronic screens, leaving a streak-free sparkling finish. Its anti-static formula removes dirt, dust, smudges and fingerprints with a minimal effort and without damaging your screens.

The pack is resealable, thus leaving it fresh whenever you need them.