Window Cleaning Buckets

Oates Duraclean Flat Mop and Window Cleaner Bucket 18Litre

Duraclean Flat Mop window cleaning buckets have extra wide shape, are durable and are chemical resistant with ergonomic handle.

Window Bucket Lid - White (to suit above bucket)

Lid to suit for 11 litre window bucket ( SABC-2091B and SABC-2091W).
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Window Cleaning Bucket 26L With Wheels and Sieve (no lid)

Window Cleaning Super Bucket Complete with 4 wheels, sieve. 48cm long to take regular sizes of window sqeegees and washers up to 45cm.

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Oates Duraclean Window Cleaners Bucket 18L

Duraclean Window Cleaners Bucket. 45cm long with 18 litre capacity. Perfect for cleaning windows. Unique non-slip grip eliminates hand discomfort.

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Oates Duraclean General Purpose Bucket 12L

Duraclean General Purpose Bucket. 40cm long with 12 litre capacity. Lightweight and chemical resistant. It is shape is compatible with window squeegee up to 450mm.
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Bulldozer 11L Window Bucket

11L capacity. Lightweight, chemical resistant window bucket. Comfortable non-slip hand grip for extra carrying comfort. Ideal for use with squeeze mops and window washers.


22L Window Bucket and Kit

Large heavy duty window cleaners bucket complete with dual squeegee / washer hangers.

11L Window Bucket Blue and White

Lightweight and chemical resistant. Comfortable non slip grip. Complete with dual squeegee and washer hangers. 180mm high x 425mm wide  x 235mm deep.

Platinum Janitors Cart Flat Mop Bucket Bracket Frame

A steel bracket that allows Flat Mop Bucket’s (2) to be fitted to Platinum Janitors Cart. Assembly instructions included. To be used with:
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12.5 L Extra Wide Sponge Mop Bucket

Extra wide sponge mop bucket has 12.5 litre capacity, lightweight and chemical resistant. This sponge mop bucket is made in Australia.

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