Cartridge Systems - Heavy Duty

Septone Ezy Dispenser for 3L Hand Cleaner Pods

Septone Ezy 3L Hand Dispenser is a modern, lockable, wall mounted dispenser designed to suit the 3L pods of industrial strength hand cleaners.  It is made of sturdy plastic with black gloss finish which makes it easy to clean.

Deb Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser 4L

Deb Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser containing natural cornmeal scrubbers. Suitable for all heavy duty situations to remove stubborn soilings, grease, oil grime etc. Perfect for all industry.

Gojo Creme-style Hand Cleaners Dispenser

Gravity-fed Dispenser for Waterless crème-style hand cleaners. For GOJO® brand plastic cartridge refills. It works with smooth and pumice formulas . Compatible with 2.04 kg GOJO® hand cleaner cartridge.



A popular multi-purpose hand cleaner for removing light to medium industrial soils and dirt. Contains a natural citrus solvent cleaner with non-abrasive scrubbing particles.

Gojo Tough Soils TDX Dispenser for Hand Cleaner or Soap

Gojo Tough Soils TDX Dispenser is a push- style dispenser for Gojo hand cleaner or soap with a large display window which easily shows the refill inside. Uses one-hand push operation. Sanitary-sealed refills are easy to load, store, and handle.


Deb Swarfega Plus Solvent Free Hand Cleanser

Deb Swarfega Plus Solvent Free Hand Cleanser is one of Australia's most popular hand cleansers with moisturiser to help care for skin. Powerful solvent free yellow hand cleanser with biodegradable natural cornmeal scrubbers to remove oil, grease and general soiling quickly and efficiently.

Tork Premium Soap Liquid Industrial S1 1000ml 6 cartridges 6000ml

Fastest soap system to load.Most sustainable soap solution with Nordic Swan accredited formulations and recyclable bottles and dispensers.


Gojo Natural Orange with Pumice Hand Cleaner

Gojo Natural Orange with Pumice Hand Cleaner is a quick-acting lotion formula with pumice scrubbing particles for cleaning a broad range of industrial soils, medium dirts and grease. Orange citrus scent.


Septone Citra Scrub Hand Cleaner

Septone Citra Scrub Hand Cleaner is designed to remove most industrial soils including dirt, dust, mud, oil, grease, solvents and coal dust.

KIMCARE® INDUSTRIE Force Solvent Free Hand Cleanser 2 X 3.5L

KIMCARE® INDUSTRIE* Force Solvent-Free Hand Cleanser - for the toughest hand cleaning tasks. Sealed cartidge wtih integral one-way pump for superior hygiene with no leaks or clogging, cuts out mess.


Deb Stoko Solopol Lime Medium - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Deb Stoko Solopol Lime is gentle but effective medium - heavy duty hand cleanser with Deb's patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub and light lime extracts. Ideal for most common industrial soilings. Contains moisturiser to help leave the skin soft and supple after use.


Deb Stoko Kresto Citrus Super Heavy Citrus Hand Cleanser

Deb Stoko Kresto Citrus Super Heavy Citrus Hand Cleanser uses the power of natural orange oil extracts in combination with cornmeal hand scrub to provide a highly effective cleaning performance.

Carton of 4

Solopol 3.25L Grittyfoam Medium-Heavy Foam Hand Cleanser

Deb Stoko Solopol 3.25L Grittyfoam heavy duty foaming hand cleanser offers up to 45% more hand washes per litre compared with conventional hand cleansers. It is the world's first foam hand cleanser with scrubbers.


Gojo Tough Soils Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner

Gojo Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner, gel-style heavy duty hand cleaner with pleasant cherry fragrance and pumice scrubbers quickly cleans heavy dirt, grease and oil. pH balanced to promote skin comfort.


Tough Soils Cherry Gel W/ Pumice 2000ml Ctn4

Jasol Citrus Universal 4L Grit Soap - Antiseptic Hand Cleanser

Jasol Citrus Universal Antiseptic Hand Cleanser is a heavy duty hand cleaner which utilises the unique properties of citrus peel oils with a blend of solvents. Soft gel hand cleaner with a Pumice base.

Jasol 4L Cartridge Dispenser

Great for use in all washroom solutions in nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

Deb Stoko Solopol Classic Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Paste

Deb Stoko Solopol Classic is a traditional, solvent-free heavy duty hand cleanser the solution for removal of heavy contamination such as oil, grease, carbon black and lubricants.