Brickies Scrub with Blade

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220mm plastic back, polyropylene fill

Steel scraper blade to one end

Ergo hand grip

Brickies Brush - Acid Resistant

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250mm plastic stock

Acid resistant Tampico fibre

Ergo Hand Grip

Brickies Brush - Soft

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300 mm plastic stock with soft polypropylene fill

Brickies Brush - Extra Soft

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300mm plastic stock filled with extra soft poly

Brickies Brush - Hard

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300mm plastic stock filled with hard poly
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Acid and alkaline scrub ideal for cleaning of brickwork and masonry.
Short, extra dense, PVC fibre for increased liquid retention. It has 250mm (10") wide head fits inside standard 20L drum. It is supplied with 22 x 1300 epoxy resin coated Handle.