Banister Brush

Plastic Stock


Sabco Coco Bannister Brush

Brush ideal for sweeping hot coals. Bristle can withstand extremely hot conditions.

Oates Beauty Bannister Brush

Beauty Bannister Brush from Oates has thick bristles which is best to trap dirt. Plastic stock.Synthetic fill

Oates Industrial Bannister Brush

Industrial Bannister Brush from Oates has wooden handle with Coco fibre bristles. Its natural stiff coco bristles allows to safely and effectively collect tiny particles.


Industrial Bannister Brushes

High Quality Australian Made Bannister Brushes.

Pinnacle Bannister Brush with Coco Fill

Wooden stock with natural fibre fill. Good for fire places and ovens. 40mm x 270mm with a 55mm bristle length.

MAXI Handy Banister Brush

MAXI Handy Banister Brush is versatile and strong banister brush with long lasting PET bristles. Note: Brush ONLY