Bottle Bags | Gift Bags and Boxes

Our selection of bottle bags covers for all occasions whether it be retail bottle shop counter sale. Perhaps you need top quality gift bags or boxes, we also have that available for you as a point of sale item also.
3000 bags

Bottle Bags- Single block Headed -White

Single Block headed (430mmL+30SG) x 100mmW + 60SG. 200 per pack. 15 packs per carton. Carton of 3000 bags.
2000 Bags

Bottle Bags- Double block Headed- White

Double Block headed (430mmL+30SG) x 180mmW + 60.
200 per pack. 10 packs per carton. Carton of 2000 bags.
1000 Bags

Bottle Bags- Triple Block Headed- White

Triple Block headed (430mmL+30 SG) x 240mmW + 60 SG. 200 per pack. 5 packs per carton. Carton of 1000 bags.

Instant Single Bottle Paper Gift Boxes - 4 Designs

Instant Gift boxes 360mmL x 102mmW + 102SG. 2 per pack. 9 packs per carton. Carton of 18 gift bags.