Every day, SARAYA helps keep millions of hands clean all over the world. Since 1952, our pioneering vision and sense of social responsibility have earned us the respect of businesses, schools, the government and households all over the world.

Sanitation continues to be a primary focus for SARAYA. Every year, millions of people fall ill needlessly due to unsafe food and lack of sanitation. We strive to make handwashing easier because it is the number one defense against the spread of illness.

With nature as our inspiration, we find new uses for natural substances to develop unique sanitation and health products. We are committed to improving health by developing technology, educating the public and protecting the environment. Environmentalism has been our mandate since the beginning, long before "eco-friendly" became a buzzword. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for quality control and environmental management systems.

By responding to changes in society and encouraging dialogue, we develop value-added products that go beyond the conventional. This customer-oriented approach lets us meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

No-touch Automatic Dispenser Stand MS-625

This no-touch automatic dispenser stand provides infection prevention tools in key places of your facility or event.

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Saraya IS-9000 Adjustable No-Touch Dispenser Stand

Buy Saraya IS-9000 Adjustable No-Touch Dispenser Stand for convenience and more efficient cleaning of hands. It can be placed anywhere.

Saraya UD-9000 No-Touch Sensor-Activated Hand Hygiene Dispenser 1.2L

Automated hand hygiene with Saraya UD-9000 No-Touch Sensor-Activated Dispenser. This Japanese designed hand soap and sanitiser dispenser is widely used in healthcare facilities.

S-7 SMARTSAN Hand Sanitiser | Food Safe Alcohol Based Hand Rub

An ethanol based spray that kills 99.99% of germs in seconds.  The atomised liquid provides the best coverage and saturation available in hand sanitiser.

Black Manual Hand Soap Dispenser

Manual dispenser for use either foaming soap or liquid soap. It has a side window for easy confirmation of the remaining volume.

Saraya HR Hand Solution Sanitiser

Simple, fast, and effective hand sanitiser made in Australia that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in seconds.

Manual Sanitiser Dispenser GMD-500A Saraya

An easy to use manual sanitiser dispenser for use with Saraya solution alcohol hand sanitisers, or gel sanitisers of any type. It has 500ml capacity.

Toilet Surface and Seat Cleaner Manual Dispenser SC-460 Saraya

A refillable toilet seat cleaner dispenser for creating a healthy environment. 1500 dispenses per bottle.

No Touch Hand Sanitiser Dispenser | Hand Sanitising Station Dispenser

Avoid the risk of contamination with this battery operated No-touch sensor activated hand sanitising dispenser.

Saraya Foam Hand Soap Green Apple Fragrance

Economical and effective, environmental friendly hand wash with natural formulation that cleans hands gently.

Antibacterial Foaming Handwash | H-1 Smartsan Food Safe Hand Soap

An economical food grade 2-in-1 foaming soap that cleans hands and kills germs great for daily use.

Saraya TS Toilet Seat Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Solution

Australian made 70% alcohol solution, fragrance free, effective and economical toilet seat sanitising cleaner. 

Saraya Foam 3-in-1 Wash Refresh Fragrance 450ML

Sarasoft HB Hand, Hair and Body Foam Wash is a readily-biodegradable, soap-free & fragrance free wash designed for hands, hair and body that washes & rinses off very well.

Saraya Foaming Soap Green Apple 3L

Looking for an economical, quality foaming hand soap designed for everyday use? Saraya Foaming Soap Green Apple is a natural formulation that cleans hands gently which is environmentally safe.