Wolf Garten


Wolf Garten Hardwood Handle

High-quality wooden handle made from natural European ash – very solid and stable as the wood comes from the exemplarily managed forests.

Wolf Garten Aluminium D-Grip Handle 90cm

85cm aluminium d-grip handle which is ideal for use with those tools that require extra leverage (weed Extractor, hollow tine aerator).
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Wolf Garten Garden Joint Brush

Easy to use and effective brush for removing grass, moss and weeds from in between flagstones, wall corners, step joints, gutters and more.
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Wolf Garten Grubber 9cm

Designed for breaking up light and rocky soil between plants in beds and borders for a good supply of nutrients.
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Wolf Garten Cultivator 11cm

Lifts and loosen sandy, light or medium heavy soil helping the soil to breath.
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Wolf Garten Aerator - Cultivator 3.5cm Sinlge Tine

This sharp, stainless steel blade helps aerating and weeding easily and effortlessly.
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Wolf Garten Garden Scraper Weeder 7cm

Removes moss, grass and weeds from joints in paving.
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Wolf Garten Small Floral Draw Hoe

For hoeing quickly and accurately close to plants.
Ideal for working between flowers and other broad leaved plants.

Wolf Garten Scuffle Hoe 16cm

Weeding is made simple by just pushing and pulling this lightweight hoe.
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Wolf Garten Multi-change Mounding Draw Hoe 15cm Wide

For hoeing, weeding and trenching.  Ideal for working around broad-leaved plants/shrubs.
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Wolf Garten Duo Hoe 3 Tines Straight Blade

Great for weeding and breaking up soil.
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Wolf Garten Draw Hoe 15cm Wide

Another great tool to help you with your garden. Weed solid ground effortlessly – the bow protects the plants
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Wolf Garten Thistle Weed Extractor

Turn, pull, done: pull out deep rooted weeds – without any bending
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Wolf Garten Dutch Hoe 13cm

The traditional Y-shape design effortlessly removes weeds from light sandy soils by pushing lightly.
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Wolf Garten Seed Sower

Sow seeds neatly and effortlessly with this lightweight and comfortable to use multi-change seed sower.
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