Plumbing and Water Saving Solutions


Urinal Water Saving Starter Kit

The Bio Natural Solutions Urinal Water Saving Starter Kit is the best and effective way to start environmental friendly way of cleaning your urinal. You can now turn your existing flushing urinals to semi-waterless with these cleaning products.

Urinal Water Saving System Kit - DC - Battery Powered

Battery Powered Urinal Water Saving System Kit is an ultimate water saving kit for urinals. Using this will help save a lot of valuable tap water.

Urinal Water Saving System Kit - AC - Electricity Powered

How to deal problems with smell and blockages in your urinals? Try our Electricity Powered Urinal Water Saving System Kit - the solution to your problem plus it helps save water.  It is an ultimate water saving kit for urinals especially on high traffic areas. Using this will help save a lot of valuable tap water.


Trap-Sak Solid Grease Trap Treatment

A cylindrical shaped solid designed to be hung in a grease trap, large drain line or pump chamber.

Grease Destroyer Bacterial Grease Treatment for All Grease Traps

Grease Destroyer (Preventive Care) is a bacterial product containing advanced biological technology specially formulated to eliminate odours and digest fat, oil and grease (FOG) in grease trap and grease collection systems. Grease Destroyer is ideal for use in the institutional food and service hospitality industries.

Standard Grease Destroyer - Natural Degreaser

Designed for application to various types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils and grease occur.

Liquid Drain and Trap Cleaner

Liquid Drain and Trap Cleaner contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes to remove layers of build-up that cause slow drains.


Mainline Cleaner | Main Sewer Lines Cleaner

Bio Natural Solutions Mainline Cleaner is an economical and effective solution in reducing sewage build up in all types of main and sewer lines leading to septic tanks without using harsh and aggressive chemicals.

Smart Flush 7 Day Urinal Timer

Smart Flush Urinal Timer is a universal electricity or battery operated 7 day timer designed for application in urinals. It is an automated urinal flush controller. An eco friendly solution that will help you save large amount of water.


DC Solenoid Valves

Direct Current (DC) BSP Solenoid valve for the installation of water saving systems in urinals. Direct Current 6-12V

AC Solenoid Valves

Alternating Current (AC) 24V BSP Solenoid valve for the installation of water saving systems in urinals.

Physical Air Gaps

According to the Australian Plumbing regulation, it is compulsory to fit a proper device in the drain line piping in order to prevent contamination of portable water.

Smart Flush Switch | Manual Urinal Flusher

Easy to install, specially formulated to manually operate the Smart Flush for maintenance or cleaning purposes.

Waste Adapters for Wall Urinals

These waste adapters are installed into the urinal waste outlet to then facilitate the installation of the Green Sleeve.

Soap Grease and Paper Digester

Bio Natural Solutions Soap, Grease & Paper Digester is specially formulated to liquefy soap, detergent, grease and paper that has become hard in drains, drywells, septic systems and cesspools.


Sepfix Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Treatment

Bio Natural Solutions Sepfix is an easy to use septic tank treatment which contains high concentrations of powerful beneficial bacteria for use in waste water systems to digest organic matter.

Universal Flush Timer

The Universal Flush Timer is powered by electricity. The program settings can vary from one flush up to six flushes per day.  Flush duration times adjustable from four to twelve seconds.


Soap Digester - Drainage Cleaner

Soap Digester - Drainage Cleaner is a specially formulated bacterial product to reduce accumulations of soaps and detergent in traps, pipes and on-site sewage disposal systems.