Timber Protection

Endeavour Deck Cleaner

A triple-action cleaning, restoring & rejuvenating solution for all new and old weathered exterior timbers. Designed to clean and remove surface grime, oils, stains, mould and mildew as well as rejuvenate and brighten grey timber and remove natural tannins from new timber.

Uniters Wood Care Kit - Cleans Protects and Enhances

What is the best way to care and maintain for wood furniture? Uniters Wood Care Kit contains all the products you need to clean, maintain and protect wood furniture safely and effectively.

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Aussie Clear Exterior Clear Oil Timber Finish

Aussie Clear is one of our biggest seller in wood finishes. It protects hardwoods from the weather. Best decking oil for all hardwood timber.


Aussie Coat Semi Transparent Timber Coat

Aussie Coat is a water based semi-transparent acrylic finish designed for outdoor surfaces such as windows, outdoor furniture and doors.

Claire Furniture Polish with Lemon Oil - 400g

Tonizone Furniture Polish - Lemon is excellent for timber. When cleaning and polishing furniture this requires less effort required compared to waxing.

It is a high density product with pure bees wax provides superior coverage.


Exterior Pine Clear | Exterior Clear Oil Timber Finish

How to finish pine for outdoor use? Exterior Pine Clear is a clear decking oil type exterior timber finish specifically formulated for use on treated pine.


No Rot Gel Timber Preservative | Wood Rot Treatment

How to stop wood from rotting?  Not Rot Gel is a ready to use, water based brush on wood preservative, to control the spread of decay.


Timber Preserver Brush on Wood Treatment

Timber Preserver protects timber against fungal decay and some species of woodborers. A registered wood preservative with the APVMA.

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No Rot Stick Timber Preserver 60G

How to stop wood rot around your home? No Rot Stick is an easy to use wood preservative. You simply drill hole and drop in the NO ROT stick.

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Radial Timber Sealer | Timber Finishes

It can be used wherever a true unpigmented clear timber sealer is required to repel and control moisture, hence minimises splitting, cracking and checking that can occur.


Oxalic Acid Grey Deck Cleaner | Deck Wash

How to restore and maintain a wood deck? Grey Deck Cleaner is formulated to clean grey or blackened timber caused by weathering.

D-Mould 500GM | Timber Mould and Algae Cleaner

D-mould an environment friendly, powerful, water based-mouldicide formulated to protect and clean most exterior surfaces from unsightly mould and algae growth.

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Extrerior Timber Stain

Exterior Timber stain stabilises timber and repels moisture, reducing checking and splitting. This is designed for hardwoods and softwoods.