Timber Protection

What is the best way to care and maintain for wood furniture? Uniters Wood Care Kit contains all the products you need to clean, maintain and protect wood furniture safely and effectively.

Uniters Wood Cleaner cleans away soils and residue from professional furniture and hard surfaces deeply without leaving smears or scratches. It is a quick, efficient, environmentally safe, economical and designed to get the job done.

Uniters Wood Polish (with beeswax and oil) protects and enhances the natural beauty of your timber furniture.  It is designed for shiny gloss and semi-gloss finishes like mahogany, and some cherry and maple pieces.

Reveal the natural beauty of your wood furniture by providing them with the gentle and patient care and attention they need.

Suitable for: Timber furniture

Aussie Clear is one of our biggest seller in wood finishes. It protects hardwoods from the weather. Best decking oil for all hardwood timber.

It has a penetrative quality that allows enhancement of the natural grain and beauty resulting in a natural oiled look.

AUSSIE CLEAR stabilises timber as it repels moisture, reducing checking or splitting. No film is allowed to form, so peeling or cracking is never a problem. It also inhibits unsightly mould growth with its powerful mouldicide. It has been specially formulated and tinted to use on a broad range of hardwoods.

Aussie Coat is a water based semi-transparent acrylic finish designed for outdoor surfaces such as windows, outdoor furniture and doors.

It provides a transparent satin semi-gloss coat which enables the natural features of timbers to be visible.

It is recommended to be used on popular timbers such as Cedar, merbau, Cypress Pine, and Australian Hardwoods.

Available sizes 1L, 4L, and 10L.

How to finish pine for outdoor use? Exterior Pine Clear is a clear decking oil type exterior timber finish specifically formulated for use on treated pine.

It takes away the normally dry treated pine look and its penetrating qualities give the timber a rich natural oiled look, which enhances the natural grain and beauty of pine. Great for sealing treated softwood.

It can prevent mould growth, timber blackening and discolouration due to its powerful active MOULDICIDE. This wood finish are naturally water repellent which help stabilizes the timber.

Available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 200L.

How to stop wood from rotting?  Not Rot Gel is a ready to use, water based brush on wood preservative, to control the spread of decay.

It is formulated to penetrate by diffusion into the timber, while still allowing the surface to be painted over. It can also be used to kill surface mould, algae or fungi. You can use No Rot Gel on timber, masonry or concrete surfaces.

No-Rot Gel can be painted over, used indoors or outdoors (but must be painted over) and will penetrate through patches of decay killing it and treating the sound wood behind it.

Available in 1L, 5L, 10L, and 20L.

Timber Preserver protects timber against fungal decay and some species of woodborers. A registered wood preservative with the APVMA.

For hardwood and softwood timber used in above ground situations.

Timber Preserver is a surface treatment only but it can be used unsealed and exposed to the weather for up to 5 years. Available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 200L.

How to stop wood rot around your home? No Rot Stick is an easy to use wood preservative. You simply drill hole and drop in the NO ROT stick.

NO Rot is a unique solid timber rot repair. It helps stop and prevent rot and white ant attack. Designed for treating wood internally. It is a concentrated mix of fungicide and insecticide, combined together in a controlled release, small chalk like stick. It comes in a pack of 20.

It can be used wherever a true unpigmented clear timber sealer is required to repel and control moisture, hence minimises splitting, cracking and checking that can occur.

This is an unusual product as its a sealer that prevents splitting, cupping and checking of new external wood surfaces, but completely allows it to go grey with UV. It lasts between 6-12 months and if the wood is durable, you don't need to ever treat it again.

It still allows the timber to grey off naturally while leaving it look and feel like timber. RADIAL TIMBER SEALER can be applied to hardwoods used for external cladding, window frames, fences, trellis, decking and pergolas.

It is a unique blend of organic and inorganic resins combined with an effective mouldacide, which has been developed to seal and protects Australian Timber.

How to restore and maintain a wood deck? Grey Deck Cleaner is formulated to clean grey or blackened timber caused by weathering.

It is a powerful wood cleaner that removes the stain, dirt and mould from timber. The result is a clean timber surface.

Available in 1Kg and 25Kg.

D-mould an environment friendly, powerful, water based-mouldicide formulated to protect and clean most exterior surfaces from unsightly mould and algae growth.

It helps prevent from blackening, discolouration and slipperiness of these surfaces. D-Mould contains the active mouldicide and algaecide alkyl dimethyl benozylammonium chloride.


Exterior Timber stain stabilises timber and repels moisture, reducing checking and splitting. This is designed for hardwoods and softwoods.

This is a unique product formulated when mixed into a standard can of AUSSIE CLEAR with oils and water repellents to provide timber nourishment plus a colour stain which also provides UV protection. 

Available in grey and brown colours.

The Brown Stain will stain the colour to different shades of brown depending on whether the timber is a light or dark coloured timber.

The Grey Wash EXTERIOR TIMBER STAIN is available only as a ready to use product and is suitable to give light or blond timbers a grey weathered look.