Steel Wool


Edco Abc 250g Sleeves Steel Wool Grade

It is suitable for most surfaces including steel, timber, porcelain and glass. Ideal for planters, plumbers, workshops, tilers, and cleaning and industrial suppliers.


Edco Abc Reels

Suitable for rebedding of industrial ironing equipment.  Ideal for electrowinning and precious metal recovery.

Edco Abc 500g Hanks

Ideal for painters, furniture restorers and french polishers


Edco Abc Handyman Refill and Display Pack

Fine to medium grade long strand steel wool. Large handyman pad. 1 pad per cardboard sleeve. It is suitable for multiple cleaning uses. Ideal for workshops, plumbers, cleaners, tilers and painters.

Edco Jex Enviro Pads

Jex Enviro Dry and Soapy Pads are suitable for sinks, brass, chrome, copper, glass, tiles, aluminium and stoves. Australia's unique pads that are chock full of external and internal soap.


Edco Abc Woollers 15/16

Flax flexible, donuts of carbon steel wool for scrubbing and polishing linoleum, vinyl, marble, and other hard floor surfaces with rotary polishers.

Edco Texsteel 16"/40cm Floor Discs

Grade 1 Needle Punched Steel Wool Discs have exceptional strength and are used in various commercial stone polishing applications.

Edco Abc 5kg Bulk Pads

Fine to medium grade long strand steel wool. Industrial size pads. Bulk packed 5kg per carton. Suitable for multiple cleaning uses. Ideal for hospitals, hotels and workshops.

Edco Carbon Steel Wool Blanket #1

Grade 1 needle punched blanket. Great for various mining and industrial applications.

ABC Stainless Steel Wool Reel 2.25kg

Used in heat exchange and high performance racing exhausts.