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Exit Mould 500ml

Exit Moulds attacks moulds at the source and the special detergent additive helps leave the surface sparkling clean. Suitable for bathroom & laundry, tiles, grout and walls, rubber bath mats, fridge door seals, boats, under eaves, concrete patios, most mouldy areas.
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Easy Off Bam Power Universal Degreaser

Easy Off  Bam Power Universal Degreaser its effective formula removes grime & even tough baked-on grease. Can be used on the most common surfaces inside and outside your home.

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Easy Off Bam Power Cleaner Bleach

Easy Off Bam Power Cleaner Bleach effectively removes everyday stains in seconds. Perfect for both the bathroom & kitchen across a wide range of surfaces.

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Dettol Surface Cleanser Lime and Mint Trigger Spray

Dettol Surface Cleanser Lime and Mint Trigger Spray is a household grade disfinfectant, safe to use around your kitchen . - Kills 99.9% of germs. Removes 90% of allergens.

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Taski Tapi Gum 500ml

Taski Tapi Gum is an aerosol freeze spray for chewing gum removal. Removes chewing gum on carpets and upholstery.
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Ascent Ultra Concentrate Phosphoric Acid

Ascent Ultra Concentrate Phosphoric Acid is asystem for harsh conditions, particularly where water has a high mineral content.

Dusk Liquid Heavy Duty Alkali Detergent

Dusk Liquid Heavy Duty Alkali Detergent is a low foaming detergent that is suitable for third line and re-circulated cleaning procedures. Suitable for soft to medium  water hardness conditions.

Surefoam Heavy Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner20L

Shurfoam Heavy Duty Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner is designed for daily use in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

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Endurochlor Chlorinated Foam Cleaner

Endurochlor is a liquid chlorinated, medium alkaline, high retention cleaner, designed for daily environmental cleaning, in a wide range of heavy duty cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Superkleen General Purpose Caustic Foam Cleaner

Superkleen General Purpose  Foam Cleaner is a caustic based liquid detergent, specially formulated without solvents or silicates, to clean heavy soil deposits containing high levels of grease and oils

Oxofoam Premium chlorinated foam cleaner

Oxofoam Premium Chlorinated Foam Cleaner is a general purpose, chlorinated foam cleaner designed for daily use in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Powergel Heavy Duty Caustic Gel Cleaner 20L

Power Gel a high caustic gel cleaner designed for very heavy duty and periodic cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries.
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Soft Care Foam Handwash 700ML

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Soft Care Silk H200 Hand Soap Washing Lotion 5L

Soft care Silk H200 premium bulk hand soap washing lotion for wash rooms.

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Soft Care Dermasoft Skin Cream 800ML

Soft care dermasoft skin is a moisturising reconditioning lotion formulated to soothe and soften hands. Use with the Soft Care Line dispenser

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Soft Care Mild Soap 800ML

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Taski Room Care R2 - Plus hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1.5L

Room Care R2 - Plus Hard Surface Cleaner concentrate that quickly and gently removes only and water-soluble residues. Use with the Divermite Dispenser.

Room Care R2L Hard Surface Cleaner 750ML

Room Care R2L is a ready to use hard surface cleaner suitable for cleaning surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, lodging and other establishments.

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Room Care R2 Plus Bottle Kit - 300ML

300ml bottle kit for Room Care R2-plus.

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Taski Wipeout Power Cleaner for Grease & Food Soils 5L

Taski Wipeout is a powerful general purpose cleaner formulated to remove grease, oil and food soils. Suitable for use on laminate, stainless steel and all non-painted surfaces. No residue, no rinsing required.

Taski Asset J-Fill Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner

Asset J-Fill Hard Surface Cleaner is a unique blend of ingredients working together for excellent daily cleaning efficiency on floors, washrooms and other hard washable surfaces. It suits well with all hard surfaces such as walls, tables, chrome, stainless steel and laminate.

Diverclean C3 Multipurpose Hard Surface Cleaner 5L

Diverclean C3 Multipurpose hard surface cleaner for walls, floors, etc. with excellent degreasing and cleaning power. It is an alkaline based detergent with a special blend of solvents and surfactants to aid soil removal.

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Taski Perdiem Smartdose 1.4L General Purpose Cleaner

Perdiem Smardose is a General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide designed for high productivity cleaning of all washable surfaces.  It is a concentrated general purpose cleaner for cleaning floors, glass and other hard surfaces. Also suitable for carpet spotting and extraction cleaning. Approved for cleaning interiors of commercial aircraft.

Cyclone Multi Surface Cleaner 500ML

Cyclone Multi-surface cleaner formulated to cut through grease and stubborn grime without rinsing.
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Suma Eden Test Strips

pH test strips for testing the concentration of Suma Eden.

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