Water Treatment

Diversey Powerfoam

Powerfoam is a heavy duty caustic foam cleaner with solvent.

Divosan CD7.5 Chlorine Dioxide 200L

Divosan CD7.5 Chlorine Dioxide generating solution.
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Diversey Three in One Step Acid Cleaner

Diversey Three in One step Acid Cleaner is a low foaming and can be used at low temperatures (40-45c). Drains rapidly from the plant.

Dawn Liquid Acid Detergent

Dawn Liquid Acid Detergent is low foaming high strength formulated for use in third line and re-circulated systems. Includes a built in sanitiser and is suitable in all water types.


Fomexdelta Antifoam Additive

Fomexdelta Antifoam Additive is an antifoam for food processing applications. Available in 22kg and 1000 kg.

Divoact H33 33% Hydrochloric Acid 1000L

Divoact 33% hydrochloric acid for chlorine dioxide generation. Available in 205L and 1000L.
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Proxitane 5% Peracetic Acid sanitiser

Proxitane is a low foaming, clear, colourless liquid comprising an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and water.

Divosan CD31 31% Sodium Chlorite 200L

31% sodium chlorite for chlorine dioxide generation.
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