Laundry Products

Laundry powder, detergents that provide every solution to auto and manual washing. Great for your health care, hospitality, and other laundry needs.

Optimo 2X Concentrate Laundry Powder Top and Front Loader 4kg

Optimo 2X Concentrate and Professional Formulation Laundry Powder is an enzyme boosted detergent with fresh fragrance, giving you the combined benefit of greater cleaning power, to remove stains and dirt from clothing, while leaving a fresh, clean smell.

Optimo 2X Concentrate Laundry Liquid Top and Front Loader 5L

Optimo 2X Concentrate Professional Laundry Liquid is tough on stains, kind to the environment and suitable for use in both top and front load machines.

OMO Professional Top & Front Loader Laundry Powder

OMO Professional Laundry Powder (Active Clean) with AMAZING stain removal and built in pre-treaters! It attacks tough stains and dirt with enzyme power. Brightens and whitens fabrics leaving a fresh fragrance with every wash. Our advanced formulation is suitable for both top and front loaders.

Drive Professional Front and Top Laundry Powder

Drive Professional Laundry Powder  with a leading formulation delivers best cleaning results by washing out tough stains! It attacks dirt and stains with enzyme power, DRIVE whitens and brightens and is soft on fabrics.

Clax Active 4AP1 Chlorine Bleach Powder 20kg

Low temperature Chlorine bleach that combines economy of use with excellent stain removal properties.

Clax Crystal 3KP1 Main Wash Laundry Powder 20kg

One shot industrial grade detergent for use in commercial and on premise laundries.

Clax Rust 61A1 Neutraliser for Alkalinity 20L

Clax Rust 61A1 Neutraliser for Alkalinity is a laundry sour specially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries.

Clax Silver 7BP1 Wheat - Laundry Starch Powder 25kg

Wheat based starch which is suitable for dry dosing and for dosing from stock solutions. Can be used for starching cotton bed sheets, table linen and polyester (VISA) table linen

Earthon Laundry Powder Bucket Top and Front Loaders 7.5kg

‘Keep Cleaning Green’ with earthon laundry powder, specifically formulated to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Aqua Blue Front & Top Loader Laundry Powder Bucket 10kg

The cold water expert, a budget brand laundry powder - Aqua Blue Top and Front Loader. It has improved formulation which makes it suitable for Front and Top Loader washing machines. Now phosphate free.

Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder

A premium quality conventional laundry powder formulated to lift dirt and soils while whitening and brightening your clothes.

Optimo Front Loader Laundry Powder Bucket 10kg

Premium quality conventional laundry powder formulated to lift dirt and soils while whitening and brightening your clothes.

Clax 7XP1 Iron Stain Remover Powder 10kg

Oxalic acid powder treatment for rust and iron stains.


Clax 100 OB 2AL1 Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Laundry booster that can also be used as a laundry detergent for delicated and woolens.

Clax 100 22A1 Concentrated Laundry Detergent 5L

Concentrated laundry detergent for use with the CLAX Revoflow system.

Clax Revoflow 200 24X1 Conc Laundry Detergent 4L

Contains a blend of surfactants and fluorescent whitening agents, specially formulated for use with liquid alkalis to enhance the removal of oil and grease from white or coloured polyester-cotton garments, table linen, greasy shop towels and wipes, and oil and grease stained linen supply work. Suitable for the Clax Revoflow system

Clax Revoflow Pro 3xP1 Concentrated Laundry Detergent 4Kg

Super concentrated laundry detergent for use with the CLAX
Revoflow system.

Clax Revoflow Pro Micro 30X1 Concentrated Wash Detergent

Concentrated main wash detergent for use with the Revoflow

Optimo Laundry Liquid 5L

A premium quality laundry liquid, suitable for front and top loader washing machines and all temperatures.

Clax Alegro 1AL1 Liquid Alkali Booster

An alkaline additive for use on heavily soiled or rewash laundry classifications.

Clax Hypo 42A1 Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 15L

Liquid chlorine bleach and destainer. Stabalised to preserve
Chlorine concentration.

Clax Hypo 42AL1 Liquid Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 200L

Clax Hypo 4AL1 is a chlorine bleach suitable for the removal of stubborn stains from white fabrics.

Clax OXY 4EP1 Oxygen Bleach Powder 10Kg

Powdered oxygen bleach for us in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. It is colour safe bleach.

Clax Revoflow CLOR 42X1 Concentrated Chlorine Bleach 4KG

Clax Revoflow Clor is a highly concentrated chlorine bleach for fabric washing.

Clax Revoflow Oxi 4xP3 Concentrated Oxygen Bleach 4kg

Highly concentrated oxygen bleach for use with the CLAX Revoflow system.

Cyclone Premium Laundry Bleach 5L

It cleans, sanitises and deodorises on washable surfaces.

Clax CID 6BL1 Alkali Laundry Sour and Bleach Neutraliser

Dual purpose laundry sour and bleach neutraliser for general laundry use.

Clax Neutrapur 6GL1 Formic Acid Liquid Sour

Formic acid laundry sour for laundry use to neutralise alkalinity.

Clax Rust 6FL1 Alkali Neutraliser

Inorganic acid sour with iron sequesterent to prevent yellowing of fabrics caused by a high level of iron in the process water. It is available in 20L and 200L.

Dual Soft Neutraliser & Fabric Softener 15L

A pleasantly perfumed sour/softener. It neutralises residual alkalinity and adds softness and anti-static properties to linens.

Clax Deosoft Breeze Concentrated 54B1 Fabric Softening 15L

Concentrated fabric softening liquid with malodour
elimination technology.

Clax Revoflow Deosoft Breeze Fabric Softener 4L

Highly concentrated fabric softener with malodour
neutralising technology specially formulated for on-premise

Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 Concentrated Fabric Softener

A concentrated fabric softener specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries.

Optimo Fabric Conditioner 4L

A rich, thick fabric conditioner, which untangles matted fibers restoring deepdown softness to your everyday wash. Optimo

Clax 7WL1 Liquid Rusko | Liquid Phosphate 25L

Liquid phosphate additive for use where high levels of iron occur in the water.

Clax 7ZL1 Diversqeeze Liquid Solvent 25L

Liquid d-limonene solvent for removing oil and grease type stains.

Clax 200 24A2 Booster - Industrial Soils Liquid Surfactant Booster 15L

Clax 200 24A2 Booster is a concentrated liquid surfactant booster based on a blend of surfactants and contains

Suma Med Super LPH Neutral Low Alkaline Detergent 5L

A low alkaline, concentrating liquid washing detergent which is ideal in a wide range of washer disinfectors, warewashing machines and for manual washing applications.

Suma Med Super LPH Wide Neck Detergent 5L

Neutral, low alkaline detergent for manual & machine washing of pH sensitive surgical instrument.

Earthon Eucalyptus Oil Laundry Powder Bucket 7.5kg

Earthon Eucalyptus Oil Laundry Powder is an eco friendly powder that has been specially formulated to have a minimal impact on our environment. Earthon is our commitment, and yours, towards sustainable living solutions for our planet. Pretty good for your clothes too!