Soft Care Dispenser 800ML

Soft Care Dispenser is a sleek, hygienic and wall mounted dispenser for Soft Care range. It is very easy to clean soap dispenser.

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Divermite Plus Dispenser D1 Nitrile for 1.5L Sachets

Divermite Plus for dispensing D1 Plus directly into the sink via a directable spout.
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J-Fill Hand-held Portable Dispenser

J-fill Portable hand-held dispenser that dispenses a wide variety of cleaners and disinfectants for any job.
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J-100 Single Station Dispensing Unit

J-100 Compact, wall-mounted single station dispensing unit. It can be joined together to create a multi-unit dispensing system.
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D3000 Twin Detergent Based Warewashing Dispenser

D3000 is a two product dispenser and is able to dose detergent based on conductivity (probe mode), pump run time or pump speed (probeless mode). Uniview provides security and ease-of-use. Low product alarms are included.

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Divermite S Dispenser for 1.5L Sachets

Divermite S offers maximum economy by combining a range of high-performance, highly concentrated kitchen cleaning products with an accurate dosing system. Dispenser for Divermite 1.5L sachets,for dispensing into spray bottles or buckets.

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Laundry Pump L5000 Plus - Laundry Dispenser

L5000 Plus Laundry Dispenser can be configured for two to six laundry dosing system for washers up to 100kg. It has 16 formulas, datalogging and powerful alarm functions.
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Diversey Suma Eden Dispenser for Antibacterial Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Diversey Suma Eden Dispenser for accurate dilution and dispenseing of Suma Eden Antibacterial Fruit and Vegetable Wash.

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J-Fill QuattroSelect -Wall Mounted Dispenser

J-fill QuattroSelect is a dilution control station that offers the very best of dilution control for large sites. J-Fill wall mounted dispenser for bottle or bucket filling of J- Filling products range. Holds 4 products.

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Clax Revoflow Laundry Dispenser

Clax REVOFLOW is a compact, off the floor, low maintenance laundry dispenser, that can be configured for up to 3 machines with a combined capacity up to 68kg.