Membrane Detergents

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Alkaline detergent for wine and beer UF membranes.

Highstar Defoamed Caustic Detergent 1000L

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Low temperature stable and defoamed caustic detergent.

Divos 116 Alkaline Detergent

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Alkaline detergent for NF and specific RO membranes.

Divos 80-4 Neutral Enzyme Based Detergent 1000L

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Neutral enzyme based detergent for UF & RO membranes.
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Powdered Alkaline detergent for high PH tolerant MF & UF membranes

Divoflow GLO TAK Liquid Caustic CIP 20L

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Liquid caustic CIP detergent highly sequestered for hard water

Cipton Highly Wetted Detergent 1000L

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Premium CIP highly wetted detergent for heat modified soils

Divoflow BASE TAK 50% Caustic Detergent 1000L

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50%  Caustic Detergent 1000L