MicroFX Flat Mopping Systems I Micro FX Mopping of Non Slip Floors

The new generation of flat mops for deep cleaning effectiveness and longer life performance . Large and hidden area flat mop cleaning solution.

Product Features:
- Durability
- Versatility
- Universal Flaps
- Hygienic
- Ergonomic
- High performance

For complete mopping system, you need matching Brix Cart and buckets.

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Sabco MicroFx Coloured Pads, microfibre disposable mop for steak-free cleaning and dusting, effective in bacteria removal.

Available in blue, red, yellow and green colours.

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MicroFX Active is ideal for all purpose cleaning. It is composed of 70% microfibre and 30% polyester.

It is good for BSC and Industrial environment. It can absorb 5 times its weight. It can be used on any type of floor. It is best to use on porous floors. It is highly chemical resistant (acids and alkalis). This flat mop is durable - it can be washed 400x with neutral detergent.

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Sabco MicroFx Hygiene is great for health care environments - bleach and strong chemicals resistant.The velcro, flap and pocket mop pad is made from 100% microfibre.

It is ideal for health care industry - bacteria removal efficiency. It can be used on any type of floor. This flat mop is durable - it can be washed 400x with bleach; and 600x with neutral detergent. SGS certified - dyed environmental friendly. Bleach resistant (pH11)

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Sabco MicroFX Xtreme is ideal for heavy duty cleaning to remove sticky dirt, grime, grease and tough dirt. It is made of 100% microfibre white, and polyester and polypropylene black spots.

It is ideal for food industry - easy removal of sticky dirt; bathroom safety floor - easy sliding; sand floor, anti-slip floor - bubble floor. This flat mop is durable - it can be washed 600x with neutral detergent. Highly chemical resistant (acids and alkalis) mop.

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Sabco Velcro Mop Long Reach Base is a high quality lightweight aluminium Velcro base that has lock and unlock system for easy reach on hidden areas and for ergonomic cleaning. It has a constant pressure on the whole base.

It is ideal for cleaning floors, ceilings, and walls and verticals. It is available in blue, red, yellow and green to avoid cross contamination. Robust base to maximize direct pressure on the floor even when working with the joint in the edges avoiding lifting issues.

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Using this sturdy Super Swish Pro Telescopic Handle allows you to get the ultimate advantage of stretching Super Swish Pro Mop Base from 100 up to 200cm for better cleaning..

Available in blue, red, green, and yellow.

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Sabco Super Swish Pro - Mop Base are clips to secure refill.

With ABS construction flat mops for high resistance. These are colored coded - blue, red, green, and yellow. Double mop fix system - flaps and pockets. It has a pedal button to open the base without touching.

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Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle is a quicker and easier way to clean floor for commercial applications. Ideal wherever speed, ease of use, lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues.

You simply need to press the button: 1 press releases 10ml which is more than double the dosage of a spray mop, and non-stop water release with constant press.

It is called The Sprinklear, maybe a uniquely Australian name but so efficient when you push the liquid button release. It actually sprinkles water, instead of misting it.

Total liquid capacity is 550ml. Unique rubber head rests against walls without slipping. Easy to use; no training required. Compatible with MicroFX Velcro and SuperSwish Pro Mop Bases. Handle length: 145cm

It can be used with bases from other manufacturers. Customers can clean with a velcro or flap/pocket flat mop or with disposable mop.

The Sprinklear Spray Handle Flat Mop System: How to use it and its benefits.

Per Roll
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Sabco Grime Trapper is special sticky pad to trap dirt instead of simply sweeping dust. This disposable pad is made from polyester and has a special adhesion treatment which helps to pick up to 5 times more than traditional dusting cloths or mops.

9M each roll with slight perforations each 15cm. It can be used as long or as short as required by hand, can place on high dusting frames or flat mops if required. It is ideal for use on furniture. This pad can pick up 5 times more dust, dirt and hair than traditional dusting cloths. Lower friction for better glide and reduced need for force.

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Sabco MicroFx 1Use Microfibre Disposable Mop is a 100% microfibre terry flat mop which is great for streak-free cleaning and dusting. This high chemical resistant mop is effective in bacteria removal.

The double terry construction makes it high absorbent. It has a zig-zag design for single step cleaning. This flat mop is ideal for high risk area, controlled environment and when laundry facility is not available.

Optional MicroFx Underpad (SABC-1325) is available. It is also used in conjunction with the Microfx frame and the disposable fringes.