After a few years of sealing your floor, you may reach a point where you need to strip all the old sealer away and start fresh.
Every time you seal your floor, even when you clean it before sealing, you'll be trapping tiny impurities between coats. After a while, these impurities will build up and cause the floor to look dull, even when you apply a new coat of sealer. When your floor gets to this point, you'll need to strip all the old sealer away and start fresh. These are the chemicals you need to do it!
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Peerless All Purpose Stripper is a heavy duty stripping emulsion that effectively and quickly emulsifies all types of wax and acrylic floor polishes and restores floors to original condition.

Recommended stripper for use on sealed wood floors. Recommended to remove Gemini Sealer.

Sledgehammer Sealer Remover - Research Products

Research Products
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Premium performance, recyclable wet or dry floor stripper, highly biodegradable, safer to use. It is highly effective in removing ANTI-STATIC FLOOR SEALER however in areas where a base. 
No scrub, no rinse self-neutralising stripper for reduced labour time. Dilutes 1 to 4 for no scrubbing, just apply, wait and vac or mop off. Pleasant aroma.Available in 5L

The Stripper with Real Clout