Decitex Flat Mop System

The Oates ® / Decitex Fluid Flat Mop System comprises the Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop and a range of specially designed microfibre pads. It is a completely integrated mopping system that provides for quick and effective cleaning without the need for a bucket or wringer and can be used with or without chemicals. It has been designed for professional use to clean areas such as entry halls, common access areas, restaurants, classrooms, supermarkets and shops, and healthcare where rapid response and effective cleaning and disinfection
are vital for a clean and safe environment.

Oates Decitex DX1 350mm Pad - Blue

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Decitex Dx1 Microfibre Pad with VMP Technology (Velvet Microfibre Polyester) For damp and dry mopping. Good for up to 350 washes. Suits the 300mm flat mop head MF-058

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Decitex Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop by Oates is a revolutionary mop that allows the user quick spill mop up and to cover larger areas in a shorter time. 
Hygienic microfibre pads are changed regularly to keep the work flow going. No more uncomfortable wring out of traditional mop heads. When done simply run all your fringes through the washing machine and they are ready to go again. With industrial quality and strength this mop is ideal for wet or dry use.

Checkout the large spill pads too.
Basically, Oates Decitex Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop is 3 mops in 1. With the In-built reservoir of 500ml capacity you can add your favourite product. Ergonomic trigger & 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical.
50 Pack
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Oates electrostatic microfibre gauze pad for dry mopping floors. It leaves no parraffin or oil deposits. Disposable ® single use only.
Colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between different areas. Available colours are blue, red, white, and yellow.

Oates Telescopic Decitex Handle

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A lightweight aluminium handle which is suitable for heavy duty commercial use. It is colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between work areas. Handle can extend up to 1.6m
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Cushioned Pad fits to baseplate with Hook fastening. Used in conjunction with Dispomop® and Dispomop® 3D range.

Available in 350mm and 550mm.
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400mm disposable microfibre pad in a pack of 10. Used for damp mopping of smooth floor surfaces. Prize winning mop pad at Europropre Trade fair.
It is ideal use in high risk areas or controlled environments such as operating theatres or within the pharmaceutical industry. It is also emergency alternative.
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In-built reservoir with 500ml capacity. 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical. Waterproof spray handle.