Waterfed Tools and Poles

Wagtail Extension Poles with Angle Tip

Designed by WAGTAIL for use with all Wagtail tools. It can be used for window or floor cleaning.

Wagtail 10M Water Fed Tubing with Connector

Wagtail 10 metres PVC tubing with hose connector for water fed cleaning.

Wagtail Waterfed Wave

Wagtail Wave, a Multi jet pivoting waterfed cleaning tool that combines an abrasive microfibre pad as well as a squeegee blade for more effective and easier cleaning from different angles and heights.

Wagtail Pole Cap

Wagtail Pole Cap is designed for easy insertion and removal of window cleaning tools from most manufacturers.

Wagtail Orbit

The Wagtail Orbit helps you pivot water fed brushes to reach into corners and over obstacles without the need to be directly in line with the working area.  It can fit on 25mm-35mm brush handle.

Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole 31.5" 80cm

Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole is a great addition to your cleaning tool, compound angle pole tip attached to flexible plastic pole 80cm.