Pink Vacuum Cleaner I Pink Extension Lead

National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. To help support their research program, we will donate certain amount for every purchase of the pink products below.

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Dual Function as vacuum cleaner/blower. 1400W Aerolite Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is available in pink, silver or black.
A powerful 1400w motor equipped with a blower function and only 4.5 kg in weight makes this backpack vacuum cleaner the most attractive offer on the market at the moment. Available in other colours.

* $10 for every purchase of Pink AEROLITE Backpack Vacuum Cleaner will be donated

Pink Extension Lead 18M 10AMP

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10amp lead, 18 metres in length.

*  donate $1 from every Pink Extension Lead sold.
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Pink Microfibre cleaning cloths provide excellent lint-free cleaning for any surface. It is ideal for countertops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood.
For every pack of our Pink Microfibre cloth sold, $1 will be donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Help us support Breast Cancer Research.