Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Are you looking for high performance carpet cleaners and deodorisers? 

Peerless JAL specialises in developing professional-grade carpet cleaners and deodorisers for commercial and residential carpets and upholstery.

These cleaners are developed right here in Australia specially formulated range of spot removers, shampoos, defoamers, extractors and deodorisers has been optimised for superior stain removal, soil resistance and odour control.

Save your carpets from premature aging and save money from these carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Peerless Fibretone Foam Carpet Shampoo 5L

Peerless Fibretone is designed for use in dry foam and rotary shampoo equipment. Fibretone incorporates dry cleaning solvents to assist the cleaning efforts and incorporates the latest development to prevent resoiling.


Peerless H.D.X -TRACTOR Carpet Extraction Shampoo

Peerless H.D.X is a concentrated Extraction shampoo for use in hard water conditions.

STEAMY Carpet Extraction Shampoo 5L

Carpet extraction shampoo with d-Limonene. Formulated for the hot water extraction process of carpet cleaning.