Are your wood floors looking lifeless and dull? Don't you wish you could rejuvenate them, and restore them to their former glory? Well you can! Cleaners Supermarket knows how. 

Floor Sealer is like a disposable wear layer between you and your wooden floors. It helps protect the timber underneath, as well as being responsible for that beautiful new floor gloss. Over a period of time, you will wear away this layer through general day to day traffic. Little tiny bits of dirt and sand on your feet will slowly wear away your finish and cause it to look dull and lifeless. At this point, it's time to apply another coat of sealer!

A regular household with kids will probably need to re coat every 6 to 12 months. A handy tip to extend the life of your finish is to ensure you have a heavy mat at every entrance to the house so you're not walking impurities onto the floor.


Gemini Floor Sealer Finish

Gemini Floor Sealer Finish provides a brilliant finish with the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic mark resistance. Dries to a pleasing gloss without buffing.


Agar Shinywash Pine-Scented Floor Cleaner and Restorer

Agar Shinywash is a biodegradable, pine-scented floor cleaner and restorer which simultaneously cleans and polishes the floor’s surface. It removes all types of routine floor soilage from vinyl, timber, linoleum and stone floors.


Agar 3D-Gloss Super Glossy Floor Sealer Finish

Agar 3D-Gloss is a super-glossy sealer finish with premium ingredients for vinyl tiles and other hard floors. It buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to create a crystal-clear dazzling gloss.


Agar Duro Floor Sealer Finish

Agar Duro Floor Sealer Finish is a tough, hard-wearing and versatile premium grade all-in-one sealer and finish suitable for all types of floors. It gives excellent gloss, wear and resists scuffing and scratching. Ideal for flexible sheet vinyl and rubber, timber and vinyl tiles.

Agar Satin Finish Floor Sealer 10L

Agar Satin Finish Floor Sealer is an acrylic low-gloss, non-reflective transparent floor sealer, with maximum toughness and mark resistance. Satin Finish will minimise reflections and glare, it dries to form a film.


Agar Super Nova Floor Sealer

Agar Super Nova Floor Sealer is a super-glossy 'off the mop', rock-hard sealer that holds its shine even without buffing. Its glossy appearance lasts exceptionally well because it repels scuffs, scratches and traffic marks, making it ideal for use on floors that are not buffed.


Agar First Base Base-Coat Floor Sealer

Agar First Base Floor Sealer is a water-based, semi-permanent, versatile chemical-resistant base coat sealer ideal for concrete, wood and especially porous terrazzo. It is suitable both interior and exterior but is not suitable for outdoor timber decks exposed to the rain.


Agar Granoseal Stone Floor Sealer

Agar Granoseal Stone Floor Sealer is a glossy mark resistant sealer, water-based, hard-wearing, non-slip with extra strong adhesion to all types of stone floors including marble.


Agar Masterpiece Floor Sealer Finish

Agar Masterpiece Floor Sealer Finish is an easy to use, long-lasting acrylic floor sealer with excellent wear resistance, durability and high gloss. Extremely durable basecoat for vinyl. Suitable for vinyl, timber and stone floors.


Agar Matt Finish Floor Sealer 5L

Agar Matt Finish Floor Sealer is a clear, colourless, tough, hard-wearing, water-based floor sealer that dries to a low-sheen finish. It will protect floors and cut down on sun-glare, and is fully strippable. It requires minimal stirring and is easy to lay.

Agar Stone Block Penetrating Sealer 5L

Agar Stone Block is a penetrating sealer to repel spills and stains so the stone will retain its original appearance. It applies an invisible and breathable barrier within the surface of all uncoated, natural stones, pavers and tiles.

Agar Timbertech Polyutherane Timber Floor Sealer 5L

Agar Timbertech Polyurethane Timber Floor Sealer is a clear, water-based timber coating for all types of indoor wood and cork floors to give a glossy, tough, resilient hard-wearing finish.  It seals the wood and protects the floor from any further water contact.


Agar 2020 Gloss Floor Sealer Finish

Agar 2020 Gloss Floor Sealer Finish is extremely glossy, highly buffable & durable. Scratches and scuffs easily removed. For vinyl tiles, linoleum and timber floors.It can also be used on marble and terrazzo floors that have first been sealed with FIRST BASE Sealer.


Agar Tuff Gloss Floor Sealer Long Lasting Shine and Superior Gloss

Agar Tuff Gloss Floor Sealer is the latest sealer that has high scratch-resistance and responsive buffability which means that it will maintain its shine ad extend the time between strips and seals. It uses advanced polymer technology to create a dual action sealer-finish that is both ultra-durable and beautifully glossy.

Renew 1L

Restores wood floors coated with polyurethane, fills scratches. Brings floor back to life without expensive resanding.


Diggers Raw Linseed Oil

Diggers Raw Linseed Oil is 100% natural oil obtained by pressing seeds of the flax plant. It creates a finish that is generally impervious to water, heat, scratches and most stains.

Diggers Gripcrete Bonding and Sealing Agent

Diggers Gripcrete is an effective, powerful and versatile multi-purpose bonding and sealing agent. It is a very strong ready-to-use wood glue when used straight from the container.

Peerless Gemini Satin Timber Finish 5L

Gemini Satin is an Acrylic polymer water based floor polish designed to provide a durable satin/low gloss.


Organoil Tung Oil Natural Sealant

It is a natural great sealant and protector of timber, concrete, terracotta, slate and mud bricks.