Food Safety - Housekeeping - Laundry Chemicals


Peerless MR KILLMORE Sanitiser

Mr Killmore Sanitiser is an odourless premium sanitizer. It contains Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and is odorless and pleasant to use. May be used as a spray and wipe or mop application.


Peerless ZERO BAC Hand Protection and Skin Conditioner

ZERO BAC Hand Protection and Skin Conditioner is great for use in food prep areas and medical Areas where constant washing of hands is required. Simply pump a portion onto hands and rub into skin . Eliminates the need for using water thus keeping hands moisturized and bacteria free.  WE ARE TRYING TO GET MORE. PEERLESS ARE TRYING THEIR BEST - NO 5 LITRE SIZES ARE BEING DELIVERED AT THIS STAGE - WE WILL ADVISE ASAP.


Peerless Lemonaire Sanitiser

Lemonaire Commercial Grade Disinfectant and Reodorant is a general-purpose disinfectant, detergent and reodorant of unique formulation and exceptional performance.

Santerg Alkaline Sanitiser - All Purpose Sanitising Detergent

Santerg Alkaline Sanitiser, all purpose sanitising detergent can be used on areas which food is handled, floors, glassware and dishes following a potable water rinse.


Peerless Rip Off Heavy Duty C.I.P Cleaner

Peerless Rip Off Heavy Duty C.I.P Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser for the effective removal of heavy grease and soil in workshops, kitchen and food areas. It is a highly successful in the cleaning of canopies, filters, exhaust fans, stainless steel fittings, quarry tiles and terrazzo floors.


Chlordet- Concentrated Chlorine Sanitiser Detergent

Chlordet High foaming chlorinated alkaline detergent that cleans and sanitises in one operation. Use to kill germs and remove mould, stains and smells in toilets, bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens.


Peerless Clean Shop Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Clean Shop is a concentrated cleaner degreaser that is used to wash floors and remove food spills. Effective on all types of hard surface flooring.


Peerless Chlorite Liquid Bleach

Chlorite Liquid Bleach is a liquid cleaner, bleaching and disinfecting agent.


Peerless Tops Hand Dishwashing Liquid

TOPS for manual dishwashing, highly concentrated biodegradable liquid cleaner is fast acting and penetrates quickly to clean greasy crockery.


Peerless S- Clean Surface Sanitiser & Cleaner

S-Clean is a ready-to-use cleaner and sanitiser in food preparation areas - benches, cutting boards, equipment, table tops, storage areas, food cupboards, refrigeration cabinets and all surfaces that require sanitising to comply with food sanitation regulations.

Peerless Peersol Chlorinated Powder Bleach

Peersol Chlorinated Powder Bleach is a concentrated powder destainer and sanitiser for removing tannin stains on fine china, porcelain, stainless steel, melamine, tea/coffee cups and teapots.


Kleen Oven Oven Grill and Hot Plate Cleaner

Kleen Oven is a heavy duty treatment for cleaning heavy build up of carbon, fat and grease from ovens, grills and hotplates.


Peerless JAL DET Dishwashing Detergent

Jal Det was designed to provide maximum cleaning effectiveness over the wide range of Food Industry contaminations. It is also an excellent general purpose detergent – to clean work benches, tables, floors and walls, and even cars effectively and quickly.

Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent

Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent produced specifically for the removal of  dirt and soilage - ideal for use on tiles, glazed bricks, porcelain and shower screens.


Activ Oven Grill and Hot Plate Maintainer

Activ Oven Grill & Hot Plate Maintainer is NOT designed to be used as a shock treatment to remove accumulated baked on fat, grease and carbon on an irregular basis.

PERFECTION Glasswashing Detergent 5L

Perfection Glass Washing Detergent is formulated especially for the removal of colour, stains, germs and soils which are the main cause of flat beer and soft drinks.

Sallosphere Extreme Detergent and Rinse Aid 355g

Sallosphere is an intelligent washing system for professional and industrial dishwashers which allows to forget the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, as Sallosphere is a two-in-one product (detergent + rinse aid).

Sallosphere Sun Detergent and Rinse Aid 355g

Sallosphere is an intelligent washing system for professional and industrial dishwashers which allows to forget the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, as Sallosphere is a two-in-one product (detergent + rinse aid).

Peerless Sallosphere Moon Rinse Aid

Sallosphere Moon Rinse Aid is an intelligent washing system for professional and industrial dishwashers which allows to forget the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, as Sallosphere is a two-in-one product (detergent + rinse aid).

Peerless Machine De Scale Powdered Water Scale Remover 5kg

Peerless Machine De Scale Powdered safe handling acid cleaner formulated for the effective removal of scale and hard water deposits from dishwashing and glass washing machines.


Peerless New Oven Cleaner

New Oven Cleaner is a combination of water-soluble solvents, caustic, alkaline salts and powerful  emulsifiers for the removal of carbon and fat deposits.


Peerless Fast Machine Dishwashing Powder

Fast Machine Dishwashing Powder is a free flowing powdered detergent that removes the toughest food residues and leaves crockery sparkling clean and streak-free. High concentration provides economical use.


Peerless Dry Mate Liquid Rinse Aid

Dry Mate liquid rinse aid assists with rinsing and prevents soap spots on auto machine washed glassware, crockery, cutlery and utensils.  Created for use in the final rinse cycle of automatic dishwashing machines, assisting in quick streak-free drying.


Peerless De-ion Wash Machine Dishwashing Liquid

De-Ion Wash Liquid is an alkaline based liquid that will maximise the removal of all fatty soils on crockery and glassware. It is safe to use on enamels and ceramics if dosed at the recommended concentration.

Peerless De-Ion Wash Dishwasher Powder 5Kg

De–Ion Wash Powder will remove lipstick and eliminate tea and coffee stains from cups and glasses. De–ion Wash Powder has been specifically formulated for use in hard water areas.


Automatic Machine Dishwash Liquid

Automatic Machine Dishwash Liquid is a strong alkaline, low foam detergent with added water conditioners and tannin stain control for tea & coffee cups.


MAJESTIC UNSCENTED Antibacterial Hand Soap

Unfragranced soap for Food Service area use. Majestic Unscented is a liquid hand soap with no perfume, a highly concentrated hand cleaner and yet mild on the most sensitive skins.


Peerless One Shot Thick (Old Name Attack) Toilet Cleaner

Peerless One Shot Thick is a viscous, buffered acid cleaner, formulated for the maintenance of toilets and urinals, provides thorough sanitising cleaning, deodourising and reoderising in one operation.


Peerless Peeroxy Powdered Oxygen Bleach

Peerless Peeroxy Powdered Oxygen Bleach cleans, brightens, softens, sanitises and deodorises white and coloured fabrics. Particularly effective as a sanitiser and stain remover for nappies and toweling, etc.


Peerless Prairie Rose Spray and Room Deodorant 5L

Peerless Prairie Rose is a pleasantly perfumed deodorizer and air conditioner with a sanitizing effect against airborne bacteria.


Peerless Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish

Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish is an excellent product for the routine maintenance of brushed stainless steel. Cleans and protects leaving a bright polished surface. It is safe for use on both uncoated and lacquer coated stainless steel.


Peerless Vitality Complete Washroom Maintainer

Vitality Complete Washroom Maintainer for daily washroom and toilet maintenance. Cleans and deodorizes in one operation. Removes soap scum, rust stains and calcium films from toilet bowls, urinals, baths, basins and ceramic tiled surfaces.


Peerless PINEASOL Multipurpose Cleaner

An economical multi purpose cleaner with pine oil for extra grease cutting power. This is designed to and safely remove all types of grime, grease, oil, dye, carbon, rust, and other soils from all metal, stainless, concrete, rubber, plastic, porcelain, vinyl and other hard surfaces.

Peerless LEMONGRASS Sanitiser Reodorant

LEMONGRASS Sanitiser Reodorant is a pleasant lemon perfumed disinfectant - reodorant. Economical use dilutions. It is ideal in areas were reoccurring odour needs control.

Peerless JAL PINE Disinfectant and Sanitiser

Peerless Jal Pine is a powerful heavy duty, concentrated pine sanitiser deodorant. Jal Pine is great for cleaning of floors, walls and in fact any situation where disinfectant and cleaning is needed.


Peerless Future Disinfectant Cleaner Sanitizer

Peerless Future is a combined disinfectant cleaner sanitizer formulated to Hospital Grade specifications and passes at 1:50 dilution.


Peerless Forever Deodoriser

Peerless Forever Deodoriser is a concentrated blend of 'fruity' fragrances resulting in a long lasting deodorising action with detergent / disinfectant power. It is designed to control odours in heavy industrial areas such as drainage ditches, industrial waste areas, garbage bins and toilet blocks.


Attack an Odour - Indoor Deodoriser

Attack an Odour - Indoor Deodoriser is a highly effective odour neutraliser which also contains a pleasant residual fragrance.


Peerless Odour Gone - Odour Neutraliser

It is the latest technology in odour control combining naturally occurring odour destroying chemicals with a bactericide in a formulation that is biodegradable and safe for use on all surfaces and in all environments.

Peerless H3 Super Conc Air Freshener 5L

H3 Super Conc Air Freshener is an air freshener that leaves a pleasant odour even when diluted. It is a powerful formulation that can erase strong odours such as smoke, bathroom and cooking odours.

JAL TERG Laundry Detergent Powder

A high quality biodegradable laundry detergent powder for use in automatic and wringer type washing machines. May be used in both hard and soft water.AQIS approved. It contains alkaline builders which help remove hard water ions and aid in overall detergency.

Peerless KLEEN BLUE Liquid Laundry Detergent

Peerless KLEEN BLUEA is a high quality concentrated laundry liquid detergent formulated foruse in institutional and domestic applications. Pleasantly scented, tough on greasy soils and produces whiter and brighter results to washable linens.

JAL TERG Oxygenated Antibacterial Laundry Powder

JAL TERG Oxygenated is low foam, lemon fragrance laundry powder with added oxygen bleaching power for use in automatic and wringer type machines. It leaves washing fresh, bright and soft. Effective in hard and soft water in removing stains, killing germs and brightening both whites and colours.


Peerless Finesse Liquid Laundry Fabric Conditioner

Peerless Finesse is a concentrated fabric conditioner designed to soften and freshen fabrics and reduce static electricity. The use of FINESSE will improve extraction, ironing, and drying time, producing a fluffier finish. Available in 5L, 15L, and 1000L.


Peerless Echolaund All Temperature Laundry Powder

Peerless Echolaund is a concentrated laundry powder containing a highly active blend of wetting compounds, water conditioning components and soil suspension agents. Provides high cleaning performance in either hot or cold water.


Peerless Majestic Liquid Hand Soap

A liquid toilet soap, gentle enough for an infants skin. Majestic is a scientifically formulated and highly concentrated liquid. Ideally suited for use in liquid soap dispensers.

Peerless Tuff Wash Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 500ML

Peerless Tuff Wash is a heavy duty waterless hand cleaner contains synthetic grit for the removal of grease, oil and heavy soil combinations. It is formulated with d-Limonene, which is an extract of citrus, and made entirely of natural renewable ingredients.


Peerless Hair and Body Cleaner

Peerless Hair and Body Cleaner is an all-in-one hair and body wash. It is excellent cleansing with rich lather. Mild on skin. Viscosity matched for ring main or manual dispensing.


Peerless Refresh Liquid Hand Soap

Peerless Refresh Liquid Hand Soap does not contain any harsh abrasives and is specially formulated to clean and moisturize sensitive skin designed for every use. It has a floral fragrance that leaves hands smelling fresh and clean. Suitable for use in all soap dispensers.

Peerless Status Non Smear Glass Cleaner

Status Non Smear Glass Cleaner cleans and brightens all glass or glazed surfaces, windows, mirrors and showcases. It is recommended that a chamois is used to obtain a smear-free premium finish at all times.