White Magic Microfibre Shower Eraser

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The White Magic Shower Eraser blocks clean every surface in your shower and can be easily stored on the super strong suction hook. With an iron shaped head, you can get into any shape corner and clean whilst you shower.

Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 4.8 cm x 1

White Magic Universal Squeeze Mop Refill

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This product was invented by White Magic customers. Over the last 10 years customers have been asking why White Magic didn't make a pad refill for mops. Well, it's finally been done!

This is a head that is attachable to either a two post or a four post squeeze mop.

When you take the squeeze mop out of the packet you'll notice some changes to your sponge versus your normal White Magic. They've taken a sponge that was twice the thickness, and compressed it to make it denser and stronger. This is so when you're cleaning floors and you hit something a little rough or jagged, your pad will keep working. Those of you who already use White Magic know that it does wear away, so for floor cleaning it needs to be stronger to ensure it lasts twice as long as a regular sponge and will keep working for you for longer.

When you turn the sponge over you will see plastic on the back. This plastic needs to be very precise because the hole on this refill need to line up exactly with the two or four post squeeze mops on the market. White Magic have been very careful to make sure the plastic does line up, and there is not one two or four post squeeze mop that we're aware of on the Australian Market that this refill doesn't fit. It'll fit Sabco, Oates and home brand models.

You'll see the holes where the screws go into, and you'll also see the screws. The screws have nice long thread so it will go down from the top of the squeeze mop right down into the pad. It also has nice long finger holes so you can twist the screws downwards into the squeeze mop more easily.

White Magic G Spot

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Gravity Spot is the Slip Stopping Micro-Suction Pad that holds small items firmly while driving. Gravity Spot is made of unique material which enables Gravity Spot to have the characteristics of:

Highly Effective Holding Power
No Sticky Residue
Heat Resistant

It was invented in Japan where they have the need for a material that can be used to hold items firmly during earthquakes. Originally it was used to hold household items such as Televisions, Antiques etc on shelves and tables during earthquakes. It has been customized to be used in cars to hold small items such as Mobile Phones, Sunglasses, Remote Controls and Coins.

White Magic King Eraser Sponge - 28x11x4cm

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White Magic King Eraser Sponge is ideal for use on most smooth, non-porous surfaces, by just adding water.

You won't require any chemicals to get the results you need. It is perfect for use inside and out from your kitchen to the garage. An all purpose household cleaning product - erases set-in dirt around the kitchen, breaks up tough bathroom soap scum, erases tough dirt from walls, floors and doors. It can also erase molds, water lines, erase stains and many more.

It has a large size for heavy duty use or cut into smaller blocks as required.

Dimensions: (W) 11cm x (L) 28cm x (H) 4cm

White Magic Wheel Eraser 30x6x3cm

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It can be broken into 15 Pieces (6x3x2cm). Erase stubborn marks from your Alloy Wheels, Bull Bars and Tow Bars with only water. Breakable into 15 pieces, 1 piece should be enough to clean up to 4 wheels.

White Magic Floor Pad Eraser Sponge

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Designed to erase stubborn marks on hard smooth floors such as tiles, lino, vinyl, timber, concrete and stone. Available sizes: 30, 35, 40, and 50cm.

How to use?

Use on machines 300rpm, and below. Floor needs to be well lubricated with a detergent/ water mix. Floor surface needs to so smooth to reduce wear.

White Magic Original/Standard Eraser Sponge

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Best seller eraser sponge. Hand size block. Size is 11 x 7 x 4cm.

White Magic Medium Eraser Sponge

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It has a big block for big jobs. It can be cut into pieces or use as one. Size is 18 x 9 x 4 cm. This is the largest hand sized block on the market.

White Magic Extra Power Eraser Sponge

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Extra power microfibre eraser sponge. 50% stronger for heavy duty cleaning. Contoured design for easy handling.