Concrete and Hard Stone Floors

Con Coat Water Based Acrylic Seal 5L

ConCoat is a UV stable, semi permanent, water based acrylic seal designed for use on hard surfaces. e.g concrete , terrazzo, ceramic tile, slate, terracotta and quarry tile.

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Peerless Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal

Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal is a high fill sealer for resilient flooring and is intended as a base seal for all subsequent Peerless Finishes. A full program of finishes to protect and enhance wood, cork and parquetry.


Hyshield Floor Finish

Hyshield Waterborne Hybrid Floor Finish Ultra High Solids. A waterborne acrylic polyurethane finish for multi surface applications. It can be used on hard vinyl,slate, terrazzo, and unglazed quarry tiles in supermarkets, shopping centre, retail stores, schools an public buildings. Available in Gloss and Matte finish.


Peerless Elegance Floor Sealer Finish

Elegance Floor Finish is todays choice for maintenance of high volume traffic areas utilizing Ultra High Speed maintenance systems.