Waterfed Brushes 14in to 18in

Water fed brushes (14in-18") for ground level windows, exteriors or solar panel work. Quick and efficient cleans on large panes of glass or wide surfaces.

4 jets for optimal water flow across the brush. Available with threaded sockets for screwing your angle adapter in, or square sockets for clipping in, clipping out.

Vikan 16 in Brush Single Trim Soft Flocked

Heavy duty brush. Ideal for cleaning walls and atriums.
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Alpha Shifter 427 - 4 Directional V-Jets 18″

Alpha Shifter 427 4 Directional V-Jets, BEST WFP BRUSH in the world. Covers 50% more than your standard 18″ brush with 50% less pressure, designed for maximum filament contact with the glass. A brush that works like a scrubbing pad
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