RO System Parts

Everything you need for reverse osmosis maintenance, featuring RO system membranes, DI and carbon cartridges, serviceable housings and water meters so you can gauge the life of a membrane.

Ro System Parts

RHG RO Membrane

Premium, long-lasting Axeon RO membranes for reverse osmosis systems. Available in 21" and 40".

RHG Cartridge with DI Resin

DI resin cartridges available to complete your setup. Available in 21", 30" and 40" with DI Resin.


RHG Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge

RHG Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge available in 21", 30" and 40".

RHG Servicable RO | Carbon Filter | DI Housing

RHG Servicable RO/Carbon Filter/ DI Housing available in 21", 30" and 40"

Water Meter

Water meters for RO/DI Systems. Gauge how much water you’ve used, and how much life left in the RO membrane or DI resin.

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