Whiteley Miscellaneous Products

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These are pumps and flow tap for different sizes of bottles you need for Whiteley products.

Whiteley Stand for Hand Automatic Hand Hygiene Dispensers

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Whiteley Wipes Bracket for Cannisters

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Whiteley Wipes Bracket for Flat Packs

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Encapsul8 is a global leading, patent pending Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres.  

It is formulated with a powerful surfactant system that emulsifies oily soils on fibres which enables residue to be encapsulated by the polymer. The polymer becomes brittle as it dries and then fractures from the fibre surface which allows it to be easily removed by subsequent vacuuming.

It has been scientifically proven to be 15% better at cleaning carpets compared to competitor products, leaving your carpets cleaner and brighter. It also increases soil resistance by 17%.
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RESILIENCE is a fast drying, non-yellowing, solvent based acrylic sealer that is suitable for use on internal and external surfaces.

It provides a highly durable, long lasting seal that enhances colours and the appearance of natural stone and concrete surfaces, whilst also preventing staining and damage to the substrate. RESILIENCE is suitable for use on concrete, terrazzo, slate, granite, marble and other stone surfaces. This penetrating sealer provides a semi-permanent seal that eliminates the need for regular stripping cycles and will last for 2-5 years dependent on environmental wear factors.

It also provides a stable base coat for Thermaglo Plus Sealer Finish where a buffable finish is required (for Ultra High Gloss).

Primrose Hand Soap 5L

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Primorse Hand Soap a very mild cleanser that actively removes soiling and can be used regularly. Combined with a gentle moisturiser that leaves the hands feeling soft and supple and smelling fresh, with a delicate floral fragrance.
The added moisturisers negate the drying effects of every day encounters and act to re-moisturise the skin after each use.

Benefits of Primrose Hand Soap:

    Uses natural ingredients
    Ultra-mild formulation
    Contains moisturisers
    Generous lather

Synergy Sealer Finish 5L

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Synergy is excellent for use on vinyl hard floor surfaces and can be used on terrazzo, granite, tiles and slate. It has been awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ at the October 2014 Ausclean meeting in Melbourne.
It offers superior gloss levels. It is resistant against dirty, scuff and black marks. It is available in 5 litres.

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Viraclor is an antimicrobial solution containing 5.0% available Chlorine as Sodium Hypochlorite with an in-built detergent system. It is intended as a reliable for general use in hospitals on both animate and inanimate surfaces.

Most importantly it offers excellent sanitising properties against significant microorganisms, which are becoming increasingly troublesome to control due to increasing incidence of acquired resistance.
Chlorine compounds are well recognised as a sanitiser for selected application in hospitals and more recently greater emphasis is being placed on the use of these compounds.


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Zest Total Bathroom Cleaner is suitable for cleaning in toilet bowls, wash basins, showers, urinals, floors and walls.

Zest Bathroom Detergent uses a unique blend of detergents, natural and synthetic acids to rapidly remove soap scum, body fats, rust stains, carbonate deposits and many other common bathroom stains.

Benefits of Zest Total Bathroom Cleaner:

    Pleasant perfume
    Leaves surfaces sparkling clean
    Long lasting deodorisation
    Unique 3-in-1 operation of cleaning, sanitising and deodorising

Available in 5L and 500ml empty bottles.

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Surfex® Low Level Disinfectant is ideal for routine cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces such as floors, walls and benches, as well as non critical medical devices such as hospital beds and theatre trolleys.

It has a unique formula of buffered peracetic acid and surfactants ensure it will provide maximum disinfectant efficacy critical for healthcare environments.

Surfex® Low Level Instrument Grade Disinfectant features:

- requires a 5 minute contact time at 20C for disinfection.
- offers versatility in routine hospital cleaning.
- proven to kill Clostridium difficile, Norovirus, Parvovirus and VRE.
- has excellent materials compatibility especially when compared with Chlorine/Bleach.

Surfex® is available in 8.5g sachets for dilution in 500mL bottles and 85g sachets for dilution in buckets. 

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Whiteley Bactex CF is a concentrated cationic sanitiser registered by the APVMA for the treatment of mould and bacteria on farming equipment, animal pens, now approved for use to control Panama Disease.

Bactex CF Multi-purpose Sanitiser is effective against both gram positive and negative bacteria. It is designed for use in food manufacturing and food processing establishments. Used as a sanitising agent in conjunction with an appropriate cleaning system. The in-built detergent system incorporated in BACTEX CF is highly effective as a sanitiser in the presence of soils.

Available in 15L and 200L sizes.