Fruit and Vegetable Film 1300 Metres - Carton of 2

Available in 400mm and 450mm.  This product will help preserve the life of all pre-cut fruit and vegetables.

Meat Film In Rolls 1300 Metres Carton of 2

This professional product can be used from packing house to the local butcher shop.

Carton Liners Non Entrapment Carton of 500

Available in 4 different colours. 640mmL x 640mmW + 390SG. pack of 100, 5 packs per carton. Carton of 500. Excepted for roll (1 roll of 500).

Bunched Heat Sealed Net Bags

This extruded product is available in rolls for automatic packaging and in single heat seal bag for hand packaging an array of colours.

Polynet Continuous Reels Roll

44cmW x 1000mL. Available in 5 different colours.