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Ultrasoft Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 115M

Super soft, absorbent and strong mini jumbo toilet roll with 115 metres in length. It is very kind to skin and comfortable to use. 
It is best suited for washrooms with medium to high traffic. It can fit to any mini jumbo toilet roll holders or dispensers.

Dear Consumers, due to the high level of demand, we can only supply our regular customers with toilet paper. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience, we hope you can understand. Once more paper becomes available you will be able to purchase if this RED FONT NOTICE has been removed. - Management

Green Choice Mini Jumbo Roll 1 Ply 230m - 18 Rolls


Our Green Choice Mini Jumbo Roll products have a softness and tensile strength of the same level of pure woof pulp products. It is lint free and does not add calcium carbonate fillers.

This paper utilizes Bagasse fibre and Bamboo fibre to produce our toilet tissue and hand towel, which is now called "Green Choice".

By choosing Green Choice products, you are helping to create a more sustainable future for our planet, utilizing our natural resources and reducing the amount of waste from existing industries.