Water Treatment

HR Powder Clean Detergent 20Kg

HR Powder Clean is a caustic based detergent powder for the cleaning and derustingof hooks and rollers in the meat processing industry.

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Hr Liquid Clean Hook and Roller Alkali

Hr Liquid Clean is a caustic based liquid detergent for cleaning and derustinghooks and rollers in the meat processing industry.
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Hypogel Chlorinated Gel Cleaner 200L

Hypogel is an alkaline chlorinated gel cleaner designed for heavy duty cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries

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Spectrum General Purpose Sanitiser - Dual Quat 1000L

Spectrum General Purpose Sanitiser kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus). Concentrated, neutral dual quaternary ammonium sanitiser that provides effective microbial control in the food, beverage and dairy industries

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Divosan Hypochlorite

Divosan Hypochlorite is a concentrated liquid sanitiser for general use. It has a wide antibacterial spectrum and is effective against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms

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Speedloob VL9 100L

Speedloob VL9 is a low foaming fatty amine/cationic surfactant based track treatment for food and beverage containers.

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Diverfoam Q Clean-Foam Sanitiser

Diverfoam Q Clean-Foam Sanitiser is a combined alkaline detergent and quaternary ammonium compound. It is used as a cleaner/sanitiser for a wide range of applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries

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Fomexdelta Antifoam Additive

Fomexdelta Antifoam Additive is an antifoam for food processing applications. Available in 22kg and 1000 kg.

Divoact H33 33% Hydrochloric Acid 1000L

Divoact 33% hydrochloric acid for chlorine dioxide generation. Available in 205L and 1000L.
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Divosan CD31 31% Sodium Chlorite 200L

31% sodium chlorite for chlorine dioxide generation.
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Proxitane 5% Peracetic Acid sanitiser

Proxitane is a low foaming, clear, colourless liquid comprising an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and water.

Jasol LC-50 Liquid Caustic Soda

Jasol LC-50 Liquid Caustic Soda is a concentrated solution of caustic soda used to clean equipment such as pasteurisers, cream treatment units, vacuum pans, concentrators, pre-heaters and other high temperature processing equipment. It is used as the alkali component in CIP cleaning systems.