Membrane | Alkaline Detergents

Greasol Concentrated Alkaline Detergent

Greasol Concentrated Alkaline Detergent is formulated to rapidly degrease and clean.

Sodium Hydroxide 30% Caustic detergent 1000L

Sodium Hydroxide 30% is a heavy duty alkali CIP detergent for use in commercial CIP application to remove organic soil and also used  as pH neutraliser in water treatment applications.
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Divoflow HE CIP Wetted Detergent

A general purpose, hard water tolerant defoamed liquid caustic based detergent.

Complex Premium Additive 1000L

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Diversey Highstar VC77 1000L

Diversey Highstar VC77 is a low freezing, defoamed, heavy duty liquid caustic detergent for CIP, bottlewashingand other spray washing applications in the food and beverage industry.
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Divos 116 Alkaline Detergent

Alkaline detergent for NF and specific RO membranes. Available in 20L and 1000L

Divoflow GLO TAK Liquid Caustic CIP

Liquid caustic CIP detergent highly sequestered for hard water.

Available in 20L,200L and 1000L.

Cipton Highly Wetted Detergent

Premium CIP highly wetted detergent for heat modified soils