Membrane | Alkaline Detergents

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Alkaline detergent for wine and beer UF membranes.

Highstar Defoamed Caustic Detergent 1000L

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Low temperature stable and defoamed caustic detergent.

Divos 116 Alkaline Detergent

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Alkaline detergent for NF and specific RO membranes.
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Powdered Alkaline detergent for high PH tolerant MF & UF membranes

Divoflow GLO TAK Liquid Caustic CIP 20L

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Liquid caustic CIP detergent highly sequestered for hard water

Cipton Highly Wetted Detergent 1000L

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Premium CIP highly wetted detergent for heat modified soils

Divoflow BASE TAK 50% Caustic Detergent 1000L

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50%  Caustic Detergent 1000L
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Eliminator is high foaming alkaline detergent designed for the cleaning and sanitising in food manufacturing and food processing industries.

It is designed to be used as a multipurpose sanitiser for use on most types of materials and surfaces encountered in food processing establishments. It is extremely effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Eliminator is suitable for use in the cleaning and sanitising of stainless steel tanks, pipes, processing equipment, floors and walls. This is suitable too for use in abattoirs for meat, poultry and fish products; citrus fruit and vegetable processing; canneries, food manufacturing and other food processing establishments.

Eliminator alkaline detergent is available in 15L drums.

BENEFITS of Eliminator Heavy Duty Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner:
• Effective against gram negative bacteria
• Works in hard or soft water
• Stable foam
• Effective against gram positive bacteria
• Concentrated foaming sanitiser