Clax Rust 61A1 Neutraliser for Alkalinity 20L

Clax Rust 61A1 Neutraliser for Alkalinity is a laundry sour specially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries.

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Clax CID 6BL1 Alkali Laundry Sour and Bleach Neutraliser

Dual purpose laundry sour and bleach neutraliser for general laundry use.

Clax Neutrapur 6GL1 Formic Acid Liquid Sour

Formic acid laundry sour for laundry use to neutralise alkalinity.

Clax Rust 6FL1 Alkali Neutraliser

Inorganic acid sour with iron sequesterent to prevent yellowing of fabrics caused by a high level of iron in the process water. It is available in 200L.

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Dual Soft Neutraliser & Fabric Softener 15L

A pleasantly perfumed sour/softener. It neutralises residual alkalinity and adds softness and anti-static properties to linens.
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Jasol En-Soft Sour-Softener for Liquid Laundry Feed Systems

Jasol En-Soft Sour-Softener is designed to provide antistatic properties and fabric conditioning when added to the final rinse of the wash cycle. It provides a lasting pleasant floral fragrance to the laundry.

Jasol Sour Concentrate Highly Concentrated Souring Agent 5L

Jasol Sour Concentrate highly concentrated souring agent for liquid ​laundry ​systems. It is specifically designed to neutralize excess alkalinity caused by the use of alkali in the wash.
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Jasol En-soft Conc Fitment Laundry Sour Softener

Jasol En-Soft Conc laundry combined sour softener for on premise laundries with fitment. AQIS Approval. Available in 5L.

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