Chlorine | Liquid Bleach

Jasol Oxybleach Concentrate Liquid Oxygen Bleach 5L

Jasol Oxybleach Concentrate Liquid Oxygen bleach for liquid laundry feed systems.  It is effective for both white and coloured maintenance and stains removal.
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Clax Active 4AP1 Chlorine Bleach Powder 20kg

Low temperature Chlorine bleach that combines economy of use with excellent stain removal properties.
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Clax Hypo 42A1 Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 15L

Liquid chlorine bleach and destainer. Stabalised to preserve
Chlorine concentration.
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Clax Hypo 42AL1 Liquid Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 200L

Clax Hypo 4AL1 is a chlorine bleach suitable for the removal of stubborn stains from white fabrics.
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Clax OXY 4EP1 Oxygen Bleach Powder 10Kg

Powdered oxygen bleach for us in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. It is colour safe bleach.
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Clax Revoflow CLOR 42X1 Concentrated Chlorine Bleach 4KG

Clax Revoflow Clor is a highly concentrated chlorine bleach for fabric washing.
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Clax Revoflow Oxi 4xP3 Concentrated Oxygen Bleach 4kg

Highly concentrated oxygen bleach for use with the CLAX Revoflow system.
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Cyclone Premium Laundry Bleach 5L

It cleans, sanitises and deodorises on washable surfaces.
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Peerless Chlorite Liquid Bleach

Chlorite Liquid Bleach is a liquid cleaner, bleaching and disinfecting agent.

Interox ST 50 Hydrogen Peroxide Liquid Bleach

Interox 50T solutions are clear colourless liquids, miscible with water in all proportions. They are extremely hazardous in the neat form, so correct safe handling procedures should be followed at all times.