Taski Clearclean Plus Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

Clearclean Plus Heavy Duty Degreaser is a highly reactive, low foaming industrial degreaser for all heavy duty degreasing.

Taski Peneclean High Foaming Cleaner 5L

Penetrating cleaner that emulsifies and disperses dirt, soil and grime from a washable surfaces in one application. The high detergency action assists in the suspension of greasy soils so that they rinse freely from the surface without re-depositing or leaving a film

Taski Big Bare Heavy Duty Solvent Free Industrial Cleaner Degreaser 5L

Big Bare is a heavy duty solvent free degreaser for removal of oils, grease and dirt from metal parts, tools and equipment. It contains rust inhibitor agent to protect metals.

JIF Regular Cream Cleanser

JIF Classic cream cleanser, a powerful formulation is tough on stains such as Tannin, dried on foods and soap scum. Non-abrasive cleaner.


TASKI Jet 38 and 50 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

TASKI Jet 38 and 50 are professional upright 15 inch (38 cm) and 20 inch (50 cm) vacuum cleaners are engineered with dual motor systems, providing high suction power and efficient cleaning.


Taski Vento 8 and 15 Dry Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Accessories

Taski Swingo 150E Automatic Upright Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 150E is an ultra-compact 13 inch (33 cm)automatic upright scrubber features a lightweight, compact design perfect for easy, quick cleanup in confined areas.