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Twister Pads by Twister

Changing from traditional floor cleaning methods to Twister Pad is easy. The Twister pads come in all sizes and will fit all cleaning machines on the market, meaning no need to invest in new cleaning machines or new routines.

Taski Cover Frame 75-110 1pc

Taski cover frame 75-110, suitable for 1x110L or 2x35-75L waste bags.

Taski Mop Box Holder 1 Pc

Extra Mop box holder for use with either Mini or Midi Trolley.

Taski Wastebag Holder 110-150 1pc

Taski Wastebag Holder 110-150, suitable for up to 1x150L bag.

Taski Cover Bag 110-150 1pc

Taski Cover Bag 110-150, suitable for up to 1x150L bag.

Taski Cloth Box Lock 1pc

Lock that fits allo cloth box lids for Taski Trolley.

Taski Document Holder

Document Holder for Mini or Midi trolley.

Taski Cloth Box Preparation Lid 25 1pc

Preparation lid for 7L and 12L cloth box.

Taski Mini Open Cleaning Trolley For Jonmaster - For Smaller Areas

The new hub for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning is the TASKI Mini Open trolley. The trolley is fitted with everything the operator needs. Cloths, mops and equipment can be positioned on the trolley where they are easier to handle. The compact TASKI Mini Open Trolley is most suitable for cleaning of small and medium-sized areas.