Floorcare Chemicals

Revive High Performance Cleaner | Maintainer 5L

High performance cleaner plus a maintainer in a single step that rejuvenates UHS floor finishes.

Diverfloor Alkaline Floor Cleaner 5L

Alkaline floor cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy duty grease and oils.

Reveal Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L

Reveal Heavy duty floor cleaner specifically designed for use in UHS
floor care programs.
Carton of 2

Reveal JF Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 2x2.5L

Reveal JF Heavy duty floor cleaner for ultra high speed floor floor finish and multi-use applications, JFILL.

Taski View Quick No Rinse Floor Cleaner 5L

Taski View Quick No Rinse Neutral Cleaner with pleasant rose fragrance for lightly soiled, sealed or unsealed floors. It dries film free and leaves no dulling residues behind on surface.

Taski Stride Citrus J-flex Neutral All Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L

Taski Stride Citrus J-Flex Neutral all-purpose cleaner for everyday floor cleaning and light duty spray and wipe cleaning of floors, washrooms and other washable surfaces. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Green seal compliant.

Taski Stride HC Citrus Neutral Floor & Multi Purpose Cleaner

Taski Stride HC Citrus Neutral Floor cleaner specially formulated for the daily cleaning of floors, washrooms and other washable surfaces.


Millentra Floor Sealer | Finish

Economical & easy to maintain sealer/finish for all low speed
applications for resilient floors such as vinyl, rubber and porous composite tiles.

Pinnicale Floor Sealer Ultra High Speed 5 Litre

Heavy duty , premium ultra high speed floor sealer/finish with excellent durability, exceptional wet look gloss, low marking & high buff response for daily shine.

Premia Durable UHS Floor Sealer 5L

Low maintenance, durable ultra high speed sealer/finish that delivers a wet look gloss without daily burnishing.

Showplace High Solids Floor Sealer | Finish 5L

Premium, high solids resilient floor sealer/finish wit excellent durability and spray buff response. It is designed for low speed applications.

Vectra Floor Sealer | Finish 5L

Economical resilient floor sealer/finish with excellent durability and resistance to black heel marks, scuffs and dirt.

Suma Bio-Floor No Rinse Floor Cleaner 3.78L

No rinse bacteria fortified floor cleaner for ceramic tiles, vinyl and epoxy resin floors.

Pro Strip Heavy Duty Stripper 5L

High performance stripper for tough to remove sealers &

Step Off Traditional Alkaline Floor Stripper 5L

Non-ammoniated alkaline stripper for removing floor sealers and finishes from hard and resilient floors.

Strip Eze Floor Stripper 5L

Diversey Floor Stripper for metalised & non metalized floor sealers & finishes. A deep penetrating non-ammoniated stripper for resilient floors and stone floors.

Plaza Plus High Performance Sealer 5L

High performance sealer suitable even for highly alkaline

Snapback 3 in 1 Floor Restoration 5L

The 3 in 1 product is for floor restoration. Enhances the appearance of worn water based floor finishes. Designed for low/medium speed application.