Glass Cleaners


Glance NA Non-Ammoniated Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

Glance Non-ammoniated glass and multi surface cleaner formulated for the removal of grease, grime, soap films, finger marks and soap films. It cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, countertops, stainless steel. Non-streaking, non smearing, quick drying formula. Green Seal Certified.


Taski Glance Glass and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Glance is a powerful glass cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner that cleans surface, a smear and streak free finish.

Kitchen Hygiene D6 2L Multipurpose Glass Cleaner

Glass and hard surface cleaner, a ready to use spray cleaner for the streak-free cleaning of glass and other water resistant hard surfaces including windows, glazed ceramic and plastic surfaces.

Taski Roomcare R3 Plus Glass | Multi Surface Cleaner 1.5L

Roomcare R3 Plus is a Multi-surface cleaner concentrate for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces formulated for use with the Johnson Diversey Divermite dispenser.