Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Power Sponge

Powers through tough grime with ease using Turtle Wax Power and Bug Tar Sponge. The dual mesh surfaces cut through road grime, tar and bugs without scratching.

Turtle Wax Gorilla Wheel & Trim Glove

Save your time and energy making a wheel cleaning fast with Turtle Wax Gorilla Wheel and Trim Glove. It has a unique glove form which allows easy cleaning of wheel spokes and hard to reach areas.

Turtle Wax Grip It Buff and Shine Mitt

Make car buffing and polishing a snap with Turtle Wax Grip-it Buff and Shine Mitt. This is excellent for after-wash care and is fantastic to taking off polish and coating residue and enhancing shine.

Turtle Wax Grip-it Dual Action Wash Mitt

Turtle Wax Grip-it Dual Action Wash Mitt is  a 2-in-1 car washing accessory providing 2 cleaning solutions.

Turtle Wax Grip-It Interior Detailer Mitt

For all-round interior cleaning, use Turtle Wax Grip-It Interior Detailer Mitt. It works perfectly well with interior spray cleaners & glass cleaners.

Turtle Wax Microfire Buffing Towel

Turtle Wax Microfire Buffing Towel is a 2 in 1 double sided plush microfibre towel for removing polish & wax before buffing your cars paintwork into a gleaming mirror finish. Ideal for use with Turtle Wax Ice polish, Spray Detailer, and other high performance polish and detailers.

Turtle Wax Clean and Shine Detailing Cloth Pk3

Turtle Wax High Performance Detailing Microfibre Cloth. Whether you are applying tyre shine to your wheels, lathering thick foamy soap over your paintwork or applying a protectant to your interior, a microfibre cloth is essential.

Turtle Wax Grip-It Dust Magnet Mitt

Keep your interior clean in no time with Turtle Wax Grip-it Dust Magnet Mitt. Ideal to store in the glove box.

Turtle Wax Wool Wheel Brush

Turtle Wax Wheel Wool Brush removes dirt, grime and tar from rims and wheels with ease! Soft wool fibres brush for a non scratch finish.

Turtle Wax Dual Action Microfibre Wash Glove

Turtle Wax Microfibre Wash Glove can be used wet or dry to collect all dirt, dust and grime from your car without the need for chemicals. Easily fits most size hands. Machine washable and reusable.

Turtle Wax Rapid Dry PVA Professional Car Wash Chamois XL

Rapid Dry PVA Chamois XL is super absorbent, extra thick, very durable, chamois that leaves a streak free finish when used for cleaning and drying.

Turtle Wax Jumbo Bug Sponge 2-in 1 Car Sponge

Jumbo Bug Sponge from Turtle Wax is super sized 2 in 1 car wash sponge with a non scratch abrasive side for heavy duty cleaning power.

Turtle Wax Grime Warrior

Turtle Wax Grime Warrior, top quality new generation urethane sponge created for super sudsing and excellent car wash power.

Turtle Wax Easy Grip Foam Wax

Replacement foam pads for use with the Easy Grip Handle. 

Turtle Wax Microfibre Clean and Dry Glass Cleaning Pad

2 in 1 cleaning pad, microfibre cloth to remove film build up. Microfibre chamois for a streak free finish. It is ideal for glove box. Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 2cm

TW Zip Dry Squeegee Car Dryer

Zip Dry Squeegee Car Dryer from Turtle Wax, a silicone blade perfect for drying car bodies, windows, trucks, caravans, and boats in a fraction of the time and with less friction than conventional terry towels or chamois.