Chemtech Alushine Metal Polish Professional Formula has been formulated to achieve the highest possible level of metal restoration and shine.

Use this metal polish on your vehicle bullbars, tanks and side steps, alloy wheels, chrome exhausts, aluminium window frames, kitchen sinks, deck gear and other bare metal surfaces. It is great for aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, perspex, flexiglass, lexan and fibreglass. It removes oxidation and rust stains with minimum effort.

Are you having problems with the slowly growing moulds, bacteria, and mildew in your car's air conditioning system? Chemtech AirCon Kleen™ does not mask odours, it eliminates them right at the source in just 10 minutes!

 It is designed to deodorise & disinfect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and freshen the vehicle’s interior by eliminating bacterial and fungal growth.

Great for use in cars, 4WD’s trucks, vans & recreational vehicles. Simply press down on the locking nozzle to release the antibacterial, deodorising fog mist with a fresh citrus fragrance. Available in 150g.

Take care of the slowly growing moulds, bacteria and mildew in your car's air condition as it causes allergic reactions and unpleasant odours. 

Chemtech Blitz Aluminium Cleaner cleans stains and oxidation from aluminum, stainless steel and other bare metal surfaces, leaving a clean matt finish.
It has a unique formulation specifically formulated for the effective cleaning of any aluminium or stainless applications such as intercoolers, turbo chargers, valve covers, radiators, bull bars, dinghies, side steps in part preparation of a high gloss finish. It cleans stains and oxidation leaving a clean matt finish. This aluminium cleaner is safer to use than products containing hydrofluoric acid.

Available in 1L, 5L, and 20L.

Chemtech CT14 Engine and Bilge Degreaser is concentrated, water soluble, biodegradable, hydrocarbon-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, thus it safe to use. It can also be used through pressure washers & steam cleaners.

1L makes up to 20L. One of the great interior care products. Great for engines, driveways, lube bays & transmissions.

This degreaser thus offers best value for money as, aside from its superior degreasing with excellent results, it also contains inhibitors that assist in protecting certain vulnerable surfaces (e.g. aluminum) whilst being cleaned.

Chemtech CT14 Engine & Bilge Degreaser is available in 1L, 5L, 20L and 200L.

Chemtech CT20 Wash 'n' Wax is a concentrated, rich vehicle and waxing gel that has been specially formulated to gently break through the toughest road grime whilst leaving a streak free, mirror like sheen on all vehicles.

It is biodegradable, free-rinsing, with rust inhibitor to protect the vehicle through frequent use. It cleans, protects and shines in one easy step.

Achieve an outstanding shine from the very first wash! This car wash can be applied using sprayer, foam gun, or sponge. It is available in 1L, 5L, 20L, and 200L.

Chemtech Fertan Rust Converter is a new generation, safe, non-toxic and non-flammable rust converter that penetrates deep into rust to convert it into ferric tannate and also creates a zinc phosphate layer deep below the rust surface to protect the base metal.

It can be overcoated immediately or alternatively provide a "painting window" giving total protection for up to 6 months. Long lasting protection can be achieved with regular retreatment and provides an alternative to sand blasting and painting. After treatment can be painted, welded, galvanised or chromed. It can be applied in wet or dry conditions. Available in 250ml, 1L, and 5L.

Chemtech Screen Clean Windscreen Wash Additive is a concentrated, economical additive for windscreen washer reservoirs in all types of vehicles.

It provides clear visibility for safer driving and is safe on all vehicle finishes. It cuts through road grime, bugs, oil, soot and salt spray without smearing. It is unique that it contains a pleasant vanilla fragrance, which will freshen the vehicle interior through the air intake system.

It is a transparent, aqua coloured liquid that contains a well- balanced blend of specialised solvents and biodegradable surfactants to produce excellent grease cutting and fast drying properties.

Chemtech Brake Clean Brake Parts is a heavy duty, fast acting, high solvency formula in a convenient aerosol can.

It helps remove brake dust, oil, grease and contaminants from brake linings, pads and components. Assists in stopping brake squeal and leaves no residue.

Spray-on hose-off Mag Shine quickly removes brake dust, road grime, grease, oil and dirt from mag™, alloy, chrome, clear-coated, power coated or coloured wheels, leaving a brilliant shine every time.

Chemtech Mag Shine Mag and Alloy Cleaner is ready to use spray pack with 1 metre tubre. It does not contain hydrofluoric acid (HF) or sodium bifluoride. Here comes a wheel cleaner that finally works! This is available in 2.5 litre.

Chemtech Liquid Chrome Spray is a bright reflective chrome finish in the convenience of a spray can. No primer required and resists rain and water splash.

It is suitable for truck and trailer wheels, bull bars, bikes, chassis and most metal surfaces. Available in 400g.

Chemtech Sheen Silicone Tyre gloss is easy to apply, dries fast, enhances colour and won’t wast off. It’s a great lubricant too.

Quality silicone for a showroom shine and maximum protection. Available in 5L and 20L.

Chemtech Detail is an all-purpose, non-caustic, spray and wipe interior cleaner for use on vehicle dashboards, consoles, door trims and upholstery.

It has been specifically formulated to clean all types of plastic, vinyl, cloth, carpet, leather, and rubber surfaces in the interior of your car. It can be used on most interior or exterior surfaces to remove ingrained dirt, dust, finger-marks, stains, grease and grime.

It is also excellent for cleaning hard to access areas like door jams, foot wells and under bonnet and boot lids where water rinsing is not practical. It is easy to use and removes the toughest grime whilst leaving the vehicle interior with a streak-free, clean, fresh vanilla fragrance. Chemtech Detail Interior Cleaner is ready to use, no dilution required. Available in 500ml, and 20L.

Chemtech Shield Interior Protectant has been specifically formulated to freshen & protect all types of plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces in the interior of your car while leaving a vanilla fragrance.

It is non oily leaving your dashboards, bumpers, window trims and door panels conditioned & clean. It can also be used on the car exterior for bumper bars and trim. It will apply a protective and conditioning coating to help protect the surface from fading or cracking keeping it supple and looking like new. Shield Interior Protectant is available in 500ml, 5L and 20L.

Chemtech CT18 Superwash has been considered as Australia's No 1 concentrated cleaning gel. It can get rid of the toughest grease, grime, oil & soot for a streak free finish.

You can use it using spray, foam or sponge on. Biodegradable and safe to use on any surface. It has been specifically formulated so that it is harmless to all materials used on trucks and other motor vehicles, including aluminium, brass, copper, glass, plastic, rubber, neoprene and vinyl.

With its neutral pH, Chemtech CT18 ensures that it will not cause any fading of paintwork, sign writing or vinyl curtains. It prevents corrosion and rust.

Chemtech Ct18 is available in 1L, 5L, 20L, and 200L.

Chemtech Shock Treatment is specifically formulated heavy duty biodegradable degreaser. This water based, non-flammable degreaser is ideal for all types of engines, equipment parts and driveways.

It is safe to use on plastic, rubber, glass and most metals and alloys. Available in 5L, 20L, and 200L.

Chemtech Workshop is ready to use, water based, biodegradable, heavy duty degreaser that converts oil and grease into a water soluble solution.

It is excellent in the workshop or home for engines, lube bays, walls, and concrete floors. Available in 5L, 20L, and 200L.

Chemtech Portasol, a highly effective Australian made anti-bacterial portable toilet sanitiser that neutralises and destroys offensive odours in portable toilets.

It is perfect for motor homes, caravans, buses, marine, camping, building sites and outdoor venues. It leaves portable toilets hygienic with a pleasant fragrance. Waste can be disposed into sewerage or septic systems once broken down. It comes in a user friendly measure pack. It is available in 1L and 5L.

Chemtech Super Blue RL 18 is the original Truck Wash. This biodegradable and solvent-free wash easily removes dirt, mud, oil film and road grime.

It is safe to use on glass, rubber, aluminum, chrome, vinyl and tarpaulins. Available in 5L, 20L, and 200L.

Chemtech Diesel Power fuel additive has been specifically formulated to boost engine performance, more dependable power and acceleration.

It also improves fuel efficiency and economy, cleans injectors, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces engine corrosion, inhibits growth of algae and bacteria and improves fuel storage stability.

Diesel Power is an advanced additive system formulated in a way that can increase the service life of engines, protecting your equipment investment and reducing maintenance costs. It is available in 300ml, 1L, 5L and 20L.

Chemtech Petrol Power Fuel Additive is ideal for cars, 4WDs, bikes and boats. It has been formulated to improve fuel economy, to restore engine performance, reduce engine wear, protect valves and rings, dissolve gums and varnish, disperse water and control algae and bacteria.

 It cleans injectors and keeps them clean. It reduces exhaust emissions. 300ml treats up to 300 Litres.

Chemtech Truck 'n' Farm Grease is a multi-purpose lubricant for bearings & chassis points.

Chemtech Truck 'n' Farm Grease withstands wash-out, shock loading & pound-out. It protects truck, farm, marine, industrial & mining equipment. Excellent lubricant protection for trucking,  automotive, agricultural, marine, industrial, construction and mining equipment.

Chemtech Multi-purpose Extendable Aqua Flow-thru Brush is a heavy-duty aluminum extendable pole with insulated handle grips.

The durable brush head is densely packed with flagged and softened bristles, which are gentle on paintwork. The handle easily connects to a standard garden hose and features an on/off water control valve. Ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles, boats, around the home and in the work place.
Chemtech Phosphate Free Eco Wash is a concentrated, high foaming vehicle and hard surface cleaner. This exterior car care has been formulated with environmental factors in mind, it contains no phosphate so it does not contribute to algae growth in effluent ponds.

It is pH neutral, non-caustic and non-hazardous but is an effective heavy and light duty cleaner and water based degreaser.It is safe to use on paintwork, glass and most washable surfaces and suitable for cleaning vehicles, marine, farm machinery and equipment.

Its Rapid Emulsion Break properties enables quick breaking of grease and emulsion extraction from trade waste containment. Available in 20, 200L and 1000L

Chemtech Diesel Power Turbo and DPF Cleaner 300ml is a powerful diesel fuel additive that clears and regenerates blocked Diesel Particulate Filters. Perfect for all diesel vehicles to clean and regenerate your DPF while also freeing stuck turbo vanes.

Diesel Power Engine Flush has been specially formulated to gently dissolve and remove internal engine contaminants by suspending them in a high level of dispersants. Its non-solvent formula assures maximum drainage of the contaminants with the used oil, thereby minimising new oil contamination.