Sponges and Scourers

Looking for Sponges & Scourers? Choose Sabco - Australia's first choice for quality cleaning solutions. Microfibre cored sponges and scourers for non-scratch cleaning and beautiful streak-free bench tops.

Sabco also have unique and long lasting heavy duty eraser pads to magically clean scuff marks, crayon and more from walls!

Sabco Griprite Bug Holder - Pole Fitting

Pole fitting utility pad holder. It can be used with 22mm to 25mm wooden or aluminium handles.


Sabco Rub Away Sponge - Magic Melamine Cleaning Sponge

Remove soap scum, scuff marks, and dirt from walls, floors and other surfaces with Sabco Rub Away Sponge. This magic sponge removes tough on ground-in dirt by just adding water - no need for detergents. High density melamine for long lasting use.

Sabco Duex Bathroom Sponge Dual Action Cleaning Pad 2 Pack

Sabco Duex Bathroom Sponge features 2 in one cleaning pad: power mesh - cuts through soap scum easily, and chamois - for a brilliant shine.


Sabco Standard Grade Scourer Pad Pack of 10

Sabco Standard Grade Scourer Pad is well suited for general cleaning and similar applications.  You can simply use on bench tops, pots, cooking utensils etc. Pads are adjustable and comfy to use.

Sabco Medium Grade Scourer Pad 10pk - 23x14cm

Sabco Medium Grade Scourer Pad is a pack of 10 size 23x14cm medium grade scourer pad for removing oil, grease, dust etc. It is perfect for industrial and house-hold use.


Sabco Soft Grade Scourer Pad- Pack of 10

The Sabco Soft Grade scourer pad comes in a pack of 10 is part of the cloths and scourers range. It is a non scratch pad used for cleaning various surfaces which includes glass, stainless steel and plastic etc. It cleans surfaces gently without harsh scratching them. It is ideal for industrial and household use.

SABCO Standard Sponge Scourer 10pk - 15x10cm

Sabco Standard Sponge Scourer is ideal for cleaning pots, pans, sinks and more. It will not irritate your skin and it will give you comfort when cleaning. It scours the dirt, grime etc. away.

Sabco Soft Grade Sponge Scourer 10PK - 15X10cm

As part of Sabco's cloths and scourers range, the soft grade sponge scourer is ideal for any industrial and household use. It has 2 sides- soft sponge and soft grade scourer. Dimension is 15 X 10cm.

Medium Grade Sponge Scourer (10pk) - 15x10cm

Sabco's medium grade sponge Scourer would work well for household and commercial use. It has two sides, soft and medium grade scourer where you can scour the surfaces with ease and comfort.
Pack of 6

Heavy Duty Magic Eraser Pads 6pk

Here comes 50% better and more powerful than regular eraser pads for long life. It comes in convenient blister pack for easy storage, with a size of 12 x 6 x 2cm each. This water-activated micro-scrubbers can reach to surface grooves, lifting away the hardest soils. It is suitable on car rims, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, wall scruff marks, shoes, bathroom scum and more.

SABCO Food Service Pad - 10 x 15cm

Sabco food service pads which can be used as hand held scourers, or used in conjunction with pad holder for griddle and other surface cleaning.

Dry Giant Sponge Cloth Roll

Dry sponge cloth material for multi purpose applications, high absorbency rate holds 5 times it’s weight when wet. Economically priced, re-usable.


Sabco Economy Stainless Steel Scourer - 50 & 70g

The Sabco Stainless Steel Scourer Economy is part of the cloths and scourers range. Economy grade for industrial & household use. Its open weave is good for particle removal and ease of cleaning. It is rust resistant.

Premium Stainless Steel Scourer - 50g & 70g

Premium Grade stainless steel scourer for Industrial & household use. Open weave for particle removal and ease of cleaning. Rust resistant.

Merritex Poly Urethane Bone Sponge - 20x10x7.5cm

Merritex Poly Urethane Bone Sponge is created for absorbing liquid. Its bone shape allows you to have good holding grip and strong cleaning capacity without leaving traces.


Sabco Super Soaks Sponge

Extra absorbent cellulose, commercial grade sponge. Heavy duty, long lasting. It is perfect for hospitality, industrial and janitorial. Size: 13.5 x 9 x 1cm

Sabco Professional XL Wash Scrub

Sabco Professional XL Wash Scrub is a commercial grade, extra large non-scratch scourer. It is perfect for pots, pans, non-stick cookware, glassware, microwave ovens, cook tops & tiles.

Sabco Power Plus Sponge Scourers

Commercial grade, powerful non-scratch scourer that removes baked on grime. It is safe on delicate surefaces. It is ideal for hospitality, industrial and janitorial. Dimension 15 x 10 x 2.5cm

Sabco Power Cellulose Sponge Scour Heavy Duty5 Pk

Nylon scourer, heavy duty super absorbent sponge scrub. Commercial grade, extra durable, and long lasting sponge scrub. It is ideal for hospitality, industrial & janitorial. Size: 15 x 8 x 2cm

Sabco Power Cellulose Sponge Scourers Non-Scratch 3pk

Extra durable, long lasting, commercial grade, and non-scratch super absorbent sponge scrub. It is great for hospitality, industrial & janitorial. Size: 15 x 8 x 2cm

Pot & Pan Scrub - Sabco Professional

Sabco Professional Pot & Pan Scrub - Perfect  for hospitality, industrial & janitorial. 80 gms stainless steel scourer.Commercial grade.Removes tough baked on grime.Long lasting scrub, never rusts.