Sabco Trolleys and Carts

Sabco Trolleys and Carts

Sabco's range of carts includes antibacterial carts, traditional carts and the new revolutionary Brix custom designed carts.

Their trolleys too can suit any need of cleaning of small areas. One, dual or double buckets trolley that can fit a wringer mop press or a flat mop press.

Sabco Deluxe Antibacterial Cart

Sabco Deluxe Antibacterial Cart is made entirely from polypropylene, ABS, and glass fibre, making it non-toxic and entirely recyclable.


SABCO Janitors Cart - Blue With Lid

Sabco Janitors Cart - Blue With Lid is a general multi purpose cleaners cart. It includes laundry / refuse bag. Its front platform allows bucket or press wringer usage.

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Janitor Cart w/ Bag 114 x 50.8 x 97.2CM

General multi purpose Cleaners Cart, includes laundry / refuse bag. Front platform allows bucket or press wringer usage.

SABCO Premium Top Roll Janitors Cart - Black

Sabco Premium Top Roll Janitors Cart - Black contains 2 large 35 litre buckets, 2 small 10 litre buckets, 110 litre waste bag, lockable cabinet on both sides for safety, roll top lid/Cover for extra security.

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SABCO Scissor Waste Trolley - Multi Use - With Bag

Multi use Scissor trolley which comes complete with main bag, plus side accessory bag. Ideal for laundry or waste collection.

SABCO 3 Shelves Black Utility Cart

Sabco Utility Cart is a multi- purpose cart for use in bistros, food halls, hotels, motels etc. It can be used as stationery cart, document cart, morning tea trolley etc.
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Waste / Cutlery Bins (SET) for Utility Cart

This is an additional waste & cutlery bin set to suit utility cart.

Collector Cart 3 Shelf With Bins

Collection Cart for use in food halls, bistros, nursing homes, etc. 3 slide out trays, plus 2 waste or collection bins. Sturdy chromed steel frame, complete with wheels. Available spares are replacement bin, and wheels.

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Laundry Cart With Bag 71 x 66 x 95CM

Heavy Duty Laundry Cart complete with Bag. Sturdy plastic frame, with support shelf for base of bag to accommodate heavy load. Folds for easy storage. Bag coated for moisture exposure. Replacement bag is available.