Sabco Machine Floor Cleaning

Sabco Yellowline Microfibre Carpet Bonnet 43cm

Sabco Yellowline Microfibre Carpet Bonnet 43cm can be also used on most hard hard floors. This is deal clean to carpet.
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Flotex Clean-It Flotex Cleaning Solution 5L

Flotex Clean-It Flotex Cleaning Solution is specially formulated to thoroughly clean Flotex, Walkatex without leaving any chemical residual on the floor.

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Flotex Fix It- Residual Detergent Remover 5L

Flotex Fix It is a residual remover detergent specially developed to completely remove residual chemical detergents.
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Sabco Blueline Microfibre Carpet Bonnet 43CM

Blueline Microfibre Carpet bonnet can be used on most hard floors. Use damp or dry. High absorbency and cleaning qualities. Scrubbing strips for stain removal.

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SABCO Brown - Wet or Dry Stripping Floor Pad

Brown floor pad is created specifically for wet or drying stripping applications. This floor pad prepares floors for recoating. It removes wax, dirt and finish down to original surface, leaving surface ready for refinishing. It conforms to uneven floors. It easily and quickly cuts through old finish. RPM: up to 350


SABCO Black - Wet Stripping Floor Pad

Black Strip floor pad helps remove dirt & old wax buildup. This is designed for heavy duty wet stripping. It cleans down to original surface. It can be used with an auto scrubbers or a high speed floor machines.


SABCO Green - Heavy Duty Scrubbing Floor Pad

Heavy duty wet scrubbing or light stripping pad. This pad will remove dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors. Suitable for renovating, providing a fresh new surface ready for recoating. Removes dirt, spills and scuffs. Available sizes are from 28cm to 53cm.


SABCO Tan - Dry Buffing Floor Pad

This tan floor pad is for dry buffing and light cleaning. It removes light scuff marks and dirt while shining floors. Available in 40cm.


SABCO - Blue Cleaner Scrubbing Floor Pad

Sabco Blue scrubbing pad has been specially created for wet scrubbing or heavy duty spray cleaning. It removes heavy dirt and scuff marks, from heavily soiled floors. Available sizes are from 28cm to 53cm.


SABCO White Super Polish - Extra Fine Floor Pad

White Super Polish extra fine pad is designed for polishing clean dry floors. It is great for marble floors scrubbing. This fine pad is suitable to buff soft finishes and low traffic areas. Available sizes are from 28cm to 60cm.


Sabco Luster Lite Blue- Burnishing Floor Pad

Sabco Luster Lite Blue - Burnishing is made for burnishing soft floor finishes. This can be used on a daily basis. Most effective for top dressing highly polished floors.


Image Ultra High Speed Beige - Thermal Buffing Pad

Sabco Ultra High Speed Image Beige is designed for thermal buffing and burnishing. It is ideal for daily use. It is good for frequent burnishing on soft to medium finishes. This floor pad will produce a very high shiny finish. Apply dry or  with spray buff solution.


SABCO Red Buff - Spray Buffing Floor Pad

Red Buff - Spray Buffing floor pad removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a smooth, shiny finish. It is suitable for spray buffing. Available sizes are from 28 cm to 71 cm.


SABCO HP500 - Heavy Duty Stripping Floor Pad

The HP500 Heavy Duty Stripping Pad, high productivity, stripping pad, made of polyester fibers in an open texture nonwoven fabrication. Abrasive particles are distributed throughout the pad and adhered to the nonwoven construction with a sturdy adhesive.


Sabco Porko Natural Ultra High Speed Floor Pad

This is mixed with natural fibre pad. This is used for regular minimal burnishing on hard finishes. It produces “Wet Look” finish. It can be used wet or dry.


SABCO Dominator - Extra Aggressive Stripping Floor Pad

The Dominator Extra Aggressive Stripping pad is designed for the heaviest stripping maintenance tasks. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and adhered to the nonwoven construction with a sturdy adhesive.


SABCO Porko Elite Burnishing Floor Pad

This burnishing floor pad is combined natural fibre. It works effectively on all uHs machines but works best for use with propane burnishes. This can be used for minimal burnishing on medium to hard finishes. Available sizes are from 45cm, 50cm and 53cm.

SABCO Auto Scrub - Special Scrubbing Pad

Auto Scrub - Special Scrubbing Pad unique cleaning floor pad for use with auto scrubbers or ultra high speed machines. It cleans light dirt and scuff marks. Available sizes are from 40cm, 43cm, and 50cm.

SABCO Crème Marble -Polishing Floor Pad

This floor pad is for polishing marble and stone floors. This pad is great for buffing hard floor surfaces without the danger of dye transfer from the pad to the floor. Available sizes in 40cm.
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SABCO Porko Plus Burnishing Floor Pad

This Sabco Porko Plus burnishing has high content of natural fibres. It is well suited for minimal burnishing on hard floor surfaces. Available sizes are from 40cm, 43cm, and 50cm.


Sabco Combo Ultra High Speed Burnishing Floor Pad

Combined polyester and natural fibres,for an extra high shiny finish when buffing or burnishing with an ultra High speed machine. This can be used either wet or dry.


Sabco Twister Floor Pads - WHITE Dual Pack

Twister (White) floor pads will successfully get rid of small scratches from the surface, resulting a silky mat clean and well prepared surface for subsequent Twister steps.


Sabco Twister Floor Pads - YELLOW Dual Pack

Simply leaves a surface that is completely ready for the last step of the twister method. Each Twister™ pad is equipped with a wear indicator.


Sabco Twister Floor Pads - RED Dual Pack 35cm

Floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds! Twister Red Floor Pad is designed for heavy duty cleaning of worn stone floors.


Sabco Twister SuperClean Floor Pad Dual Pack

Twister Superclean is created to be used with water only. For daily cleaning of coated floors. The twister Superclean pads are ideal for the day to day scrubbing of polished and unpolished floors.

Sabco Twister Super Gloss Dual Pack 40cm

A burnish pad for coated floors. The Twister SuperGloss pads are made to be used on ultra High speed buffing machines and provide provide great gloss results on your polished floors after scrubbing with the SuperClean pad.

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SABCO Remover Burnishing Floor Pad

This ultra High speed burnishing pad has been created using a unique binder that allows to successfully remove black marks. Available sizes are 40cm, 43cm, 50cm, and 53cm.