Wipes and Cloths

Sabco Heavy Duty All-Surface Cloths 10Pk

Sabco Heavy Duty All-Surface Cloths perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Ideal for quick cleaning.
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Sabco Contractror Wipes - Reusable All Purpose Wipes- 90 Wipes

Reusable all purpose wipes. Commercial grade: extra thick, highly absorbent and quick drying.

Sabco All Purpose Microfibre Cloths 50Pk 40 x 40cm

Sabco All Purpose Microfibre cloths are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces.

SABCO Washable Microfibre Glass Cloth

Sabco 100% Microfibre cloth for any glass cleaning leaving a streak-free finish. Simply use water to loosen the dirt, then wipe clean. Strong fibres grab, lift and hold dirt away from the surface.

SABCO Washable Microfibre Dusting Cloth

100% Microfibre cloth for dusting surfaces. Simply use water to loosen the dirt, then wipe clean. Strong fibres grab, lift and hold dirt away from the surface.

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Sabco Bathroom Shine Microfibre Cloth 1 Pack

Sabco Bathroom Shine Premium Microfibre Cloth, dual action - smooth microfibre side clean and shines all bathroom surfaces while woven side lifts and cleans soap scum for a streak-free shine. MachinE Washable.

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2 pack

Sabco Window and Screen Cloth 2 Pack

Sabco Window & Screen Cloth removes fingerprints & marks from delicate screens leaving a streak-free and lint-free shine. Suitable for Suitable for TV's, computer and smart phone screens without scratching.
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3 pack

Sabco Microfibre Dusting Cloth 3 Pack

Dusting Cloth 3 pack Premium Microfibre. Quality microfibre attracts and holds dust like a magnet.
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Sabco Kitchen Shine Microfibre Cloth 4 Pack

Sabco Kitchen Shine Microfibre Cloth is a 2 in 1 microfibre sponge cloth. The kitchen shine 4 pack microfibre cloth is the best ever cloth you will use for those kitchen spills and quick wipe ups.
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Sabco Heavy Duty All Purpose Cloth 40 x 38cm Pack of 20

High Absorbency Wipes - No chemical binder, enhances absorption rate and capacity. Durable, Reusable & Economical.  

Sabco Window Cloth 36 x 39cm

Latex coated for higher degree of absorbency. Suitable for wet cleaning applications on all surface types. Machine washable to 95°C.
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Sabco Applicator Foam Base

Applicator Foam Base is a part of Sabco's floor squeeze range. It is strongly recommended to use on uneven surfaces to ensure maximum coverage on operation.
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Sabco Millentex Microfibre Cloths 6 Pack

OUR BEST SELLING CLOTH. Double faced cloth for efficient cleaning. Use damp or dry, machine washable to 90 degrees C.Reusable for streak free results.

Sabco Microfibre Cloths Value Pack of 8 Mixed Colours

Sabco Quality Microfibre Cloth with exceptional value. Color Coded to prevent cross contamination. 36cm x 36cm. 280gsm – 80% polyester/20% polyamide. Thick and absorbent microfibre cloths.

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Sabco Dorset Greenline 100% Cotton General Purpose Cloth

100% Cotton Dorset Greenline Cloths. Heavy duty general purpose cloth with 60 x 45 cm in dimension from Sabco. Ideal for cleaning benches and tops in busy areas. Machine washable, reusable.

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Sabco Tea Towels - Pack of 12

Sabco Cotton Checked Tea Towels, premium grade. Machine Washable so can be reused several times.

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Sabco Antibacterial Wet Wipes 100Pk

Sabco Antibacterial Wet Wipes is a ready to use wipes with fresh citrus scent that can kill 99.9% of bacteria. It comes in a convenient cannister which helps in maintaining product freshness.

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Sabco Prowipes Medium Duty General Purpose Cleaning Wipes

High Absorbency Wipes - No chemical binder, enhances absorption rate and capacity. Durable, Reusable & Economical - A longer life will provide you with genuine savings.

Sabco Prowipes - Heavy Duty Wipes 90 Sheet Perforated Roll

Sabco Prowipes Heavy Duty Roll Wipes , industry standard color coding options to prevent cross contamination. Highly Absorbent professional wipes for commercial cleaning.

Sabco MicroWiz All Purpose Microfibre Cloths

Hygienic, re-usable, extra strong and absorbent 50gsm non-woven all purpose wipes. It is colour coded to avoid contamination. Cloth size: 45cm x 60cm. Available in blue, green, and red colours.

Sabco Power Wipes All Purpose Wipes

Sabco's 80gsm non-woven all purpose wipes are hygienic, extra strong and absorbent. These wipes are ideal for home, office and commercial use.