Small Brushware and Scrubs

Sabco Small Brushware and Scrubs

Sabco Cleanline Iron Scrub

Sabco Cleanline Iron Scrub incorporates an innovative rubber blade. When combined with regular bristles gives an even better clean! Soft grip handle for comfortable use.

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Sabco Soft Grip Nail Brush

Sabco Soft Grip Nail Brush features a soft touch ergonomic handle. Comfortable and easy to use. Strong and durable.
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Sabco Easyclean Laundry Scrub

Sabco Easyclean Laundry Scrub is a general purpose scrub, ideal for use in the laundry. General purpose applications with super smooth comfortable hand grip. Features tough and durable bristles for maximum results.
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SABCO Tuff Scrubs

Sabco Tuff Scrubs with built in scraper to remove stubborn dirt. Comfortable hand grip to protect hands and fingernails.

Sabco Timber All Purpose Scrub

Sabco All Purpose Scrub with comfortable wooden hand grip, this all purpose scrub is ideal for corners and crevices.
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Handled Scrub

Handled scrub with built in scraper. Tough hard wearing bristles for heavy duty cleaning.
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Sabco Grout Brush

Sabco Grout Brush features contemporary styling and unique comfort handle. Thin brush head to scrub small spaces.

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Sabco Tile & Grout Brush

It has a unique rubberized handle for ergonomic convenient use. Its head that is curve enables easy cleaning grout that is hard to reach.
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Sabco XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush

XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush from Sabco has soft flagged bristles for effective dirt removal without leaving any scratch. It fits standard garden hose.

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Sabco Car & Caravan Wash Brush

This car and caravan wash brush provides a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 1.5m in length. Its head size length 25cm x width 9cm.


SABCO Professional Deck Scrub With Handle

This Sabco Professional Deck Scrub with handle has excellent long-lasting and durable bristles for intense scrubbing.
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Sabco Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash

Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash features a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 2.3m in length. Super soft flagged bristles for scratch free cleaning.

Head only

Extra Large Cobweb Brush

Extra large cobweb brush with nylon bristles and heavy duty wire frame. Suits telescopic handles which makes it easier to knockdown cobweb in high ceilings, hard to reach areas. 

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Large Pipe Brush

Curved shape bristle head allows for cleaning around pipes or all curved surfaces. suits telescopic poles. Especially good for those cobweb corners.

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Sabco Timber Deck Scrub

Designed and developed with the latest technology with superior performance and efficiency in mind.
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Sabco Coco Bannister Brush

Brush ideal for sweeping hot coals. Bristle can withstand extremely hot conditions.

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