Sabco Handles - Aluminium, Metal, Timber Handles

Sabco Handles - Mops and Brooms

SABCO Green Metal Handle 22x1300mm - US thread

Easy fit 22 x1300mm handle with US thread.

White Metal Handle 25x1450mm - Universal thread

White Metal Handle 25x1450mm - Universal thread

SABCO Handle Holder for Mops or Brooms

Sabco Handle Holder is easy to install on any wall with adhesive tape provided or use wall plugs or anchors that are not included. Convenient hanging hooks, great for drying mops after use, and general organisation.


Timber Handle 22 and 25mm Staff Hole

Available 25x1830mm (no endcap), 25x1500mm (with endcap), and 22x1200mm (with endcap).


Black Metal Handle with Soft Grip

Black metal handle from SABCO that has no thread and with US thread. 25x1450mm


Poly Glass Handle w/ Universal Thread Colour Coded

Made from recycled plastic and reinforced with fibreglass for super strength. HACCP endorsed. Rust proof.

Sabco Aluminium Mop Handle

Sabco Aluminium Mop Handle. All with universal thread. These handles won't rust and break easily. Available colours are blue, red, green, yellow and white.


Aluminium Handles with no thread 25mm Diametre

White or blue plastic hand grip. 

Sabco pro Aluminium Handle 25 X 1350

Includes adaptor for 25mm wooden, metal or aluminium
handle. Suits SABC-2128 aluminium handle